Memories: the Oatlands Wash House in 1950

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Memories: the Oatlands Wash House in 1950

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MANY claim fond memories of Glasgow's old steamies, where you could do your washing or take a hot bath, long before the days of washing machines and power showers.

They were certainly great community hubs, notorious as being the best place to get the local gossip.

But as our picture, taken at the Oatlands Wash House and Public Baths at Fauldhouse Street shows, for many Glasgow women, they were also a place for hard physical graft.

This housewife looks to be keeping cheerful, though, despite the hours of scrubbing and mangling ahead of her.

It's said the steamie offered another perk, because the wall in Wolseley Street was always warm from the boilers, and was a great place to stand on a cold day, even having the nickname the 'Hot Wa'.