• Who are you?

Cameron Graham, Founder of Storii

• What does your business do?

We run an exciting new online platform called Storii enabling users to store memories and interact with loved ones in care.

• Where are you based?

Storii is based on Renfield Street just off Glasgow Central Station. It works well for us due to its central location and excellent transport links.

• How did you get started?

Storii started after I fell ill and spent two weeks in the Royal Infirmary in November 2014. An older man a few beds down from me had Dementia, and struggled to remember where or sometimes who he was. I found it fascinating to see that when his grand-daughter came to visit him, she showed him old photographs, which really had a significant effect on his memory. He remembered, albeit only for a short while, some names of people in the photographs and when they were taken. Unfortunately, when his granddaughter left he retreated back into himself. I thought that there must be a way to build a simple life story, with contributions from family and friends to make things easier. There wasn’t. Storii has grown from that initial seed of an idea into something that can be used not only as a care application, but by anyone wanting to log a digital life story.

What is your biggest mistake?

With any startup, there are hurdles to overcome. Thanks to a brilliant team, if we encounter problems we are quick to solve them and move on. We believe success lies in trying a range of different approaches and if they are going to fail, ensure they fail quickly! Getting feedback from users is a huge part of what we do too , so we encourage users testing our platform to let us know directly if they have any feedback or ideas.

• What is your background?

I have a business degree from Strathclyde University but my true calling is and always has been tech. I began developing websites online as early as 12. I taught myself HTML, CSS and Javascript, put together a few websites and through some success in affiliate advertising made over £10,000 online before I was 16. I grew up in Netherlee, East Renfrewshire and went to Williamwood High School before joining Strathclyde University where I studied Economics & Finance.

• What is your top tip?

Stick to your gut and find a good team. If you are thinking about starting your own business, there is a wide range of support out there - especially in Scotland. You just have to ask yourself, if not now, when? For a venture to be successful, you really need to build the foundations through a strong team.

• Has anyone helped you get started and how?

We’ve had great support from Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway, Informatics Ventures, Glasgow City of Science and Jobs & Business Glasgow. I was also selected as a Rising Star at the Strathclyde Enterprise Hub, as well as winning £1,000 in the Santander Digital Pitching Competition. We received a great deal of support from Dr. Calum Forsyth from Strathclyde University who has experience helping numerous start up businesses.

• Where do you plan your business to be in five years time?

We see Storii being the global ‘go-to’ platform for storing memories and connecting with loved ones.

• Contact details - www.storii.com

Twitter - @StoriiPlatform

Facebook – Search StoriiPlatform

Linkedin – Search StoriiPlatform

Email – team@storii.com

Phone – 0141 243 2027