Who are you?

My name is Emma Lynch and I run two relatively new business. My company is Event Management Solutions and the other is Photo Pop which is a retro trailer with a state of the art photo booth and karaoke booth which I own with my partner.

What does your business do?

Event Management Solutions (EMS) is an Event Management Company, I do allot of work across sport and cultural events. I tend to go in to organisations and take on projects or part of their events. We work allot with Governing Bodies such as British Cycling, Scottish Netball and Scottish Curling but also work within the cultural side too on things like we deliver the transport and logistics for the four Kiltwalks and work on some other city festivals.

Where are you based?

I have an office at home. It works for me as a lot of the time I go into other companies or organisations and sit with the teams there. I have been thinking though about getting my own small office but it’s just not justifiable at the moment when I have everything here I need in the home office.

How did you get started?

I started with my laptop, my dining room table and my contacts and it just went from there. I was lucky enough to get some great projects almost straight away that gave me the stability and comfort.

What is your background?

How I got into event was a bit convoluted, I had studied a number of things before I actually found something I felt was really me. I had done Interior Design, Drama and Audio Engineering before I went and studied for an HND in Event Management.

Then I just started working, did work experience, worked with Rock Steady (as it was then), worked in Venues like the Barfly, Hamilton Town Hall as a Venues Assistant and then just after I had my daughter I seen at job at Glasgow Life.

What is your top tip?

I think for me is to keep learning. When I started, the easy bit was the events, that’s my bread and butter and that’s what I do. What I probably under estimated was that not only was I becoming a Company Director, but the Admin Support, Accounts Department, Marketing Department and everything else that comes along with running a company.

How long has your business been running?

EMS has been running for two years in March this year, the time has flown by!

Has anyone helped you get started and how?

I did do a few sessions with Scottish Enterprise which where good and really helpful but I did do allot of learning and researching on line as there is a wealth of good website and blogs to suit your needs.

What was your first deal?

It was actually the contract for the Logistics Manager at the Kiltwalk a good friend of mine spotted it and passed my details on to another friend of theirs and that was it really – we were up and running or walking as it was.

What was your biggest mistake/or what would you do differently?

I think my biggest mistake was to think that I had to advertise anywhere I could, but it has been all really word of mouth and I probably wasted quiet a lot of money on expensive advertising.

Where do you plan your business to be in five years time?

I would love to have a small permanent team, as the moment I am lucky enough to have a great bank of freelancers who I can call on when I need to staff up events, but it would be nice to have a team, and I suppose to have a few annual events under the EMS brand and just be known as real credible events company that offers diversity in products and in events.