They say a women's hair is her crowning glory, and for a woman there is nothing worse than a bad hair day. I have very thick, long coarse hair which is very difficult to manage. Anyone like me will have had that Monica from Friends moment, especially when you go on your summer holiday. I have spent money over the years on Keratin blow drys or anything that could help my hair so when a product comes along that claims to tame those pesky frizzy hairs I was delighted.

Leonor Greyl's restorative shampoo features medulla bamboo extracts which provide essential oils, lipids and vitamins to regenerate with strengthening keratin, promising to leave hair soft, shiny and manageable. It is free from sodium laureth sulfate, parabens and silicone.

Firstly, the product smells lovely, it is quite runny so watch when you are squeezing it out the bottle. Lather up in your hands and massage into your hair and leave for five minutes, adding water to add foam to the hair. I found it quite difficult to lather in my hair though and ended up using more than normal. I rinsed my hair, you can add some cold water at this stage which helps with the shine.

After drying my hair I felt it was quite flyaway a bit out of control, but once I styled it I did notice it kept the style better that other shampoos and my hair looked healthier and shiny. But if I am being honest I did not have that wow moment I was expecting. 

There are two sides to this review, the first without knowing the price. Would I buy it again?, yes it did make a difference compared to other products I have used in the past. The other side, knowing the price is £29 for a bottle I wouldn't buy it, I felt it didn't do enough to my hair to justify spending that amount on a shampoo.

Leonor Greyl Nourishing Shampoo, 200ml, £29. Available at various only stores including SpaceNK and Amazon.