We're helping you find the best prices on 2018's most wanted Christmas toys. From Fingerling Dinos to Fortnite figures, make sure you're not out of the loop when it comes to getting the most popular Christmas toys for 2018.

We've found the latest prices for top toys on all the major sites to help you find the best deals going and help with your Christmas budget this year.

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Poopsie Unicorn

Yes, it seems like a magical unicorn that poops out glitter is going to be one of the must haves from Santa this year. It's only just gone on sale recently and is flying off the shelves.

Glasgow Times:

Amazon - £49.99

Argos* - £49.99

Smyths* - £49.99

Our pick: Prices are quite similar across the board right now, so it's hard to get a real bargain on these.

Fingerlings Untamed Dinos

Get prepared to hear t-rex roars around the house. The company that preivously brought us monkeys and unicorns are now going all Jurassic Park with Fingerlings Untamed Dinos.

Glasgow Times:

Amazon* - £16.99

Argos* - £16.99

Smyths* - £16.99

Our pick: Again, prices are quite similar across the board right now, so it's hard to get a real bargain on these. Amazon seemed to be the easiest site though if you need to get one in a certain colour.

Boxer Interactive Robot Buddy

Soon to be running around the living room, Boxer is an interactive robot that comes with a set of games and expressions that sees it doing the likes of playing football and go-karting around the house.

Glasgow Times:

The Entertainer* - £69.99

Very* - £79.99

Smyths* - £69.99

Our pick: Both The Entertainer and Smyths were cheapest when we checked.

Monopoly ‘Cheaters' edition

We've all been there to witness the arguments that can start around the kitchen table when somone takes Monopoly out. This new version of the game dares users to be sneaky and cheat their way (without being caught) towards winning.

Glasgow Times:

The Entertainer* - £17.60

Argos* - £21.99

ASDA* - £19.97

Our pick: The Entertainer was cheapest, although the price dropped on a different dates when we checked ASDA, so it may go down again.

Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint 2-Pack

No longer do you have to walk aorund the house finding those little foam darts in the weirdest of places. Nerf's new laser guns are dart free and turn any room in to a mini laser-tag arena.

Glasgow Times:

Argos* - £49.99

Selfridges* -£45.99

Smyths* - £34.99

Our pick: Smyths was by and far the cheapest, and also had the biggest range of Nerf products.

(All products featured in this piece were price checked on Friday 5th October 2018. Prices may have varied since then)