With Black Friday just around the corner, we’re starting to see everyone gear-up for another day of massive sales and deep, deep discounts.

Your mental image of Black Friday might be of heaving crowds battling over huge TVs, but there’s much more to it than that, with great discounts to be found on everything from a festive meal out to a platter of Ferrero Rocher.

We’re here with everything that you need to know to get the most out of Black Friday’s deals on food and drink, so you can grab a burger for less, save on a family meal out or simply spend less on your weekly shop.

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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday was started in the USA to give sales a boost following the Thanksgiving holiday, but it’s been gradually spreading to other countries too – including right here in the UK.

If, like us, you don’t usually keep track of Thanksgiving in your calendar, you might not know exactly when Black Friday is due to take place. This year Black Friday falls on the 23rd of November.

What food and drink deals should I look out for on Black Friday?

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With so many deals and discounts competing for your attention, it can get a little difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for on Black Friday. Luckily for you, we’re here to help straighten things out, with a few recommendations of what food and drinks deals we think you should keep an eye out for.

Food – There are lots of ways to save on food on Black Friday, whether that’s with deals for eating out on the day, or discounts to help you save on your grocery shopping.

To give you an idea of what you might be in for, some of the deals we saw last year included:

  • Tomahawk Steak, £14.99 per kilogram at Lidl
  • Canadian Whole Lobster, £4.50 at Morrisons*
  • 1kg Vintage Godminster Cheddar, £17.50 at Marks & Spencer*

If you’re trying to get everything sorted for Xmas dinner early, definitely keep an eye out for deals from the big supermarket names.

Alcohol – Another popular feature of Black Friday are the hefty discounts on alcohol. You can find lots of great deals on everyone’s favourite tipples on Black Friday – like these ones from 2017:

  • Comte de Senneval Champagne, £8.99 at Lidl
  • Cîroc vodka, £19.99 at bargainbooze.co.uk
  • Louis Vertay Champagne, £16 at Marks & Spencer*

For anyone at a loss with their Secret Santa gifts, you might get a pretty good deal here.

Meals Out – Black Friday is a great chance to save on a meal out (or takeaway), with plenty of restaurants offering discounts and deals. Large chains like Prezzo and Dominos offered great deals last year, so be sure to see what they’re offering this time around. And the likes of Just Eat might have a few special offers from your local favourites too.

Treats – The biggest attraction of Black Friday is saving on big ticket items – in this way food and drink are really no different from that giant 4K TV. You’ll find that lots of premium food and drink stores/websites enjoy discounts on Black Friday, so you can enjoy those little extra treats without having to worry about the price.

Last year’s deals on treats included a whopping 4.5 kg Toblerone for £51.79 and discounts on family trays of Ferrero Rocher – both at Amazon*.

With Christmas fast approaching on the tail of Black Friday, you might want to pick up some extra bits and pieces for your celebrations now while they’re that bit less pricey.

Where should I head for food and drink deals on Black Friday?

We’re all about helping you to hit the best deals on Black Friday, so we’ve put together a short list of recommended websites for you to save on food and drink this Black Friday.

  • Morrisons* – Last year Morrisons had some really impressive deals across the store, including discounts on jumbo sized products like the excessively large 4.5kg Toblerone (imagine that as a stocking filler). This year we’re likely to see deals in the same vein, perfect for treating yourself to something nice or getting in some Christmas shopping for less.
  • Tesco* – The biggest change at Tesco since 2017 is the retirement of the Tesco Direct website, so it’s hard to say exactly how the supermarket giant will be celebrating this year. Expect to see at least some deals across the grocery range and be sure to check this link* for the latest.
  • Lidl – Taking part for the first time in 2017, Lidl had lots of fantastic deals on food, drink and even kitchen appliances* like Foreman Grills. Food included massive discounts on tasty steaks, Serrano ham, and up to 75% off on others.
  • Sainsbury’s* – Last year Sainsburys offered discounts on premium cooking equipment (including microwaves), as well as in-store deals on some of their best food and drink. If you love your Nectar card, keep an eye out in case they have double or treble points deals over the Black Friday weekend, so you can make the most of your big shop.

Can I save on Christmas dinner with Black Friday?

Since Black Friday is only a month before Christmas it can be the perfect time to save on the cost of your Christmas dinner and celebrations. While you won’t be able to pick up the turkey quite yet, you can certainly get the house stocked with all the party food and celebratory drinks you need to have a very merry time.

Black Friday can also be a good opportunity to pick up some stocking fillers in preparation too, with discounts on chocolate*, treats and sweets from shops like Thorntons* that will make your stockings fit to burst. We recommend getting your Christmas list ready nice and early, so you can get the most from the deals.

Can Black Friday help me stock up for my diet?

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If you’re on a health kick that uses a lot of bulk ingredients, then Black Friday can be a great way to get stocked up for less. Whether you’re needing to refill your supply of whey protein for the gym or you’d like to try making your own homemade vegan seitan, Black Friday has lots of chances for you to save.

To make things even simpler and stretch your Black Friday savings further, you might want to try signing up to a meal prep subscription like Hello Fresh*, with ingredients and recipes coming straight to your door.

Getting ready for Black Friday

You should now be ready to get the absolute most out of the food and drink offers available this Black Friday. Remember to visit here* for the latest deals and discounts on the big day – just try not to eat too much!

**offers correct as of 08/11/18