Anne Semonin Lipoliss Anti Cellulite Gel, 150ml, £60

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin has a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It is usually found on the buttocks and thighs and sadly effects most women no matter how hard we try.

Admittedly I am usually a little dubious about anti-cellulite creams, as cellulite is so stubborn to get rid of – even if you are on a great diet and exercise regime. It can just be part of your genetics. 

Described as the ‘innovative approach to weight loss based on a major scientific discovery: Sea Lotus Extract“, the Lipoliss Anti Cellulite Gel is designed to smooth away the appearance of cellulite and improve the firmness of the problem areas on your body, ultimately leading to loosing some inches.

The essential properties of Sea Lotus claims to keep fat cells active, which maximises the fat breakdown and drainage, ensuring that your body is holding onto the minimum amount of fatty acids. You need to apply this gel twice daily for best effects, once in the morning and night. It has a lovely smell and the cream has a velvety texture, and is quickly absorbed. You can feel it working on your skin some time after application. I measured my thighs beforehand, but a lot of the stats are after 28 days, I only got just over 2 weeks out of it - I have big thighs or I put too much on - I prefer the latter. My skin though was smoother and a lot firmer. Maybe after the 28 days I would have seen more results, worth a try.

Anne Semonin Lipoliss Anti Cellulite Gel, £60 available from various online retailers