Whether you love all things hearts and flowers and started planning your Valentine extravaganza as soon as 2019 hit or feel that the fluttering cherubs of February 14th are just a ploy by the chocolate and card companies, we have the perfect Valentine’s plan for you.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or want to go all out this year on a big surprise, follow our three-step guide to cement your status as the perfect Valentine.

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Step 1: Pick the perfect card

A card has always been a staple of the Valentine’s day options, but if the generic offerings on the high street don’t seem quite right for you and your honey, the personalised, quirky and even downright dirty cards that are available from MoonPig* may be exactly what you are looking for.

Add photos, your loved one’s names and other personal details to make your card a true testament to each other’s feelings. MoonPig* will even send the card out for you if you have a long-distance lover.   

For an extra special sweet treat why not include a gourmet chocolate pizza or tub of retro sweeties for your sweetie to chow down on after they have opened your card. If they are sweet enough include something more savoury like an afternoon tea hamper or a bottle of fizz.

Glasgow Times: Choose a card with a difference this Valentines Credit: MoonPigChoose a card with a difference this Valentines Credit: MoonPig

Step 2: Get a gift

A quick trip to the shops will present you with no shortage of Valentines themed teddy bears and chocolates. As cute as a ‘bee mine’ teddy dressed in a bumble bee outfit may seem 10 minutes before the shops close on February 13th there a whole host of better gifts out there.

Not sure where to start? Consider some of these options:

Say it with flowers:   

Flowers have long been a staple of the Valentine gift giving scene but what you may not know is that a reason they are so popular is because of their history of sending illicit love notes.

Back in the day when courting was an altogether trickier business than firing up Tinder, love birds would send each other carefully constructed posies featuring certain colours and flowers to communicate.

While today you are more likely to be dumped over text than via a bunch of yellow carnations and butterfly weed (which mean rejection and “leave me!”), the appeal of flowers to express more positive romantic feelings has well and truly stuck!

Long stemmed red roses are the go to flowers for old school romantics - the deep reds represent passion and true love but you can also add in other colours and types of flowers to give your bouquet extra special meaning.

Lavender roses are a way of saying “I love you “without words, sunflowers can be a show of dedicated love, and anthurium are all about representing happiness so don’t feel you need to stick to the classics.

There is nothing quite like a beautiful bouquet to brighten up someone’s day, and with Valentines falling on a Thursday this year, have it delivered to your sweetheart at their office for extra brownie points.

We are head over heels for the options from Bloom Magic* (the 10% off coupon* we found doesn’t hurt either). Opt for the Parisian Hatbox collection that includes a chic hatbox that doubles as a vase so they can be displayed right away.

Glasgow Times: Say it with flowers Credit: Bloom MagicSay it with flowers Credit: Bloom Magic

Make it a day to remember:

Dinner at a fancy restaurant has long been a default Valentines night out option but there are so many other ways to create a memorable day out in honour of February 14th. Make this year’s gift a day that will go down in the history book of your relationship with an unique adventure from BuyAGift*.

While a nice meal out is always going to be appreciated have you ever considered trying to make it yourself? A sushi making workshop for two at YO! Sushi* is the perfect way to have some good clean, hands on fun in the centre of Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen and then leave with dinner in the bag. 

You’ll get to take home everything you make for a relaxed and intimate Valentines feast at your own pace, in your own place. A personal sushi rolling mat and a how to booklet are also thrown in so you can roll out your new found sushi making skills at the drop of a sashimi.

If you and your sweetheart fall more on the adventurous, rather than foodie, side of the spectrum then why not try something a bit more hair raising? Race supercars* around a track, give water zorbing* a go or perhaps even take a flying lesson* together.

Glasgow Times: Set hearts racing this Valentines, Credit: BuyagiftSet hearts racing this Valentines, Credit: Buyagift

Not only is this the perfect opportunity to kick something off your bucket list together but it is bound to make memories that are a little bit more exciting than another night down the pub. With so many options to choose from you might just find yourself planning out the next few years Valentines!

To make this idea even sweeter check out the great deals we have found for BuyAGift; and potentially nab savings of up to 50% off

Get away from it all:

Like we said before, Valentines falls on a Thursday this year. Wangle a day or two off and make a long weekend of the occasion. Take advantage of the cracking offers to be found at Lastminute.com* and plan a city break to romantic locales like Venice, Paris or Barcelona.

If you would prefer to stick closer to home there are plenty of romantic opportunities to be had in Edinburgh and London. Pick a hotel with good room service options and you’ll be on your way to having fun no matter what the February weather decides to do.  

If you can get away from it all for a bit longer consider a luxury ski break from Mark Warner*. Flights, transfers and meals are all included, plus a host of other extras that mean you will be able to sit back and snuggle up when you are not hitting the slopes.  

Glasgow Times: Snuggle up on the slopes with Mark Warner Credit: Mark WarnerSnuggle up on the slopes with Mark Warner Credit: Mark Warner

Step 3: Throw in something a little sultry

It is Valentine days after all, so why not include a little something extra that will have your honey looking good and feeling amazing. Check out these offers for FigLeaves* and Boohoo*. Get something gorgeous that will go under an outfit or treat yourself to a special look for that romantic dinner you have planned.

If Netflix and chill is more your style add a touch of luxury with a cashmere robe and silk pyjamas for her or maybe a cheeky love heart covered onesie for him.

Glasgow Times: Keep it sweet this Valentines Credit: Boohoo Keep it sweet this Valentines Credit: Boohoo

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s day this year remember that it is the thought that counts. Grand gestures are all well and good but the power of a small, but perfectly thought out, gift can never be underestimated.

Spread the love this February by spoiling your special someone and make memories that will have you laughing and loving all the way to spring.