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With this unseasonably warm weather we’ve had recently and the evenings beginning to get just that little bit longer, it’s safe to say that spring is just waiting to come in to bloom. And now that the nicer weather has arrived, the dreaded thought that you’ll have to get the marigolds out to do some spring cleaning is ever looming.


Whether you’re pulling out the sofa to get the hoover in behind it, climbing up to dust down the top of kitchen cabinets or seeing what surprises lurk in the shower plug, you might have a few spots around the house that are just screaming out for a little revamp and spruce too.


Do you have dining chairs covers that have seen better days? Was there a radiator that refused to get warm enough over winter no matter how many times you bled it? And are your lighter linens not looking so fresh now you’ve pulled them out of the cupboard?


Now is the perfect time of year to spruce up your home, and many top brands will have sales on before the warmer months hit, and everyone starts buying things for the garden. To help you get some spring inspiration and help save a little too, here are some choice areas we think you should consider redecorating this spring.


The Kitchen Cupboards

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This first tip is a mixture of a cleaning standard and updating existing fixtures. When you have a chance, take everything out of your kitchen cupboards all at once and have a good look at everything you’ve got. You’ll be looking at two things in particular; your cookware and food staples.


If you have more lids than pots, frying pans that are just a little too dusty or mugs stashed away that haven’t seen one sniff of tea in years, you’ll want to get rid of them. Check with your local recycling centre what items they’ll take off your hands so you can recycle instead of just throwing it away.


The same idea goes for your food cupboards. Have a good look and sniff at dry herbs you’ve got in there in case they’ve seen better days. Check the dates on cans to make sure there’s no fruit cocktail or tin of peas you didn’t realise had gone out of date two Christmases ago.


Even if you spend an hour rifling through and pulling stuff out, making sure to give each cabinet a good wipe down while you’re at it, you’ll suddenly end up with lots of kitchen space again.


And if you need to make even more space, look at getting some cabinet organisers or pull-out drawers.


Stores like IKEA and Nisbets are great for kitchen clutter solutions.


The Living Room Cushions

Glasgow Times: credit: Unsplashcredit: Unsplash

You have your routine for sitting down to watch the TV, and that usually involves having your cushions a certain way to lie or lean on them. After a while, your lovely square shape could start sinking and before you know it your cushions feel limp and don’t have a good bounce back.


Getting yourself new cushions is a treat you deserve, especially if yours have seen better days. If you need a cushion with a good squeeze that you know will stay firm no matter what way you have it, some of the filled cushions at Very are worth a look. They’re quite cheap, and some of the designs are fantastic when all you want to do is brighten up your living room, especially those with Chevron and animal print designs, which are very trendy right now.


Stores like George and Next do some lovely fabrics and prints for cushions as well.


Oh! And don’t forget to get your throws washed properly. It’s something that many people don’t think about washing unless they get badly stained, but they can put a washing machine through the motions and still come out quite wet after a spin cycle. Taking them, and any cushion covers you have, to the dry cleaners for a professional clean won’t cost too much, and they’ll come back smelling fresh as a daisy.


The Bathroom Radiator

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When was the last time you changed the radiator in your bathroom? It might be the one room in the house you never really check the heating in much when you’re only ever in there for short periods. However, if these last few months you found yourself shivering or jumping around while waiting for the shower to heat up in the morning, a little heated towel rail is a good idea.


Towel rails are usually thinner than normal radiators, which is great when you have a tiny bathroom that always feels cramped. Their height helps them to circulate hot air around a small room more easily than a standard radiator, and you get the added benefit of having a warm towel to grab when you get out of the shower or bath.


Stores like Trade Radiators are offering spring deals on designer heated towel rails just now, while B&Q have some deals on brand name models.


The Bedsheet Conundrum

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Spring is such an awkward time to get a good night’s sleep if you haven’t got your sheets just right. It can sometimes feel like a bit of a gamble to figure out if thicker sheets and a heavier duvet still need to stay out, or if gambling to have a lighter duvet and sheets out and ironed will guarantee you’re not getting up in the middle of the night to throw on another layer or have the heating on.


The recommended sheet types to have in spring are percale or sateen. Percale sheets will be crisp when you pull them fully over your bed and have a softer touch than flannel sheets. They’re the kind of sheets you get in hotel rooms. Sateen sheets are smoother to the touch than Percale. For anyone who has no problem sleeping with the door ajar or window open later in the year, you would want sateen sheets for your bed in spring.


Stores that do good deals on bedsheets around spring include John Lewis and Dunelm .


Don’t forget to give everywhere a good clean as well

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Whether you’ve decided that the whole house needs redecorated or would probably look good if everyone chipped in and gave it a proper clean, make sure you actively want to spring clean this year.


It could be as simple as making a game out of seeing how many old toys the kids can get rid of to earn more screen time, bribing the moody teens to declutter the bedroom you’re afraid to venture in, or having the other half nip out to the DIY store to finally get those nagging jobs done.


Just make sure that tidying up and doing little jobs remains fun or doesn’t feel like work, and before you know it your home will look amazing.