To celebrate World Book Day, we have hand selected our pick of the best fiction, autobiography’s and true stories on the market at astoundingly good prices. Whether you fancy a bit of intrigue, an exciting adventure or something to uplift your spirits we have a tale for you! 


Still Me by Jojo Moyes  

Fans of You Before Me and After You will be desperate to get their hands on this third instalment featuring Moyes indisputable heroine Louisa Clark.  


Still Me finds Louisa settling into life in New York City. As she navigates her way through her new job, she is faced with the high society of the city that never sleeps while dealing with being part of the upstairs/downstairs staff that tend to the needs of the super wealthy. 


Carrying secrets, not all of which are hers, and desperately trying to keep her romance with London ambulance driver Sam alive, we can’t wait to find out what will life in the big apple bring for Lou? 

Buy now* for only £4.50 and save £4.49** 


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Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton  

Your 20’s can certainly be a wild ride and in this unflinching memoir, award winning journalist Dolly Alderton takes us through her journey in her characteristically funny style. 


Featuring horrifying first dates, flat shares that could be considered bio hazards and the female friendships that have helped shape and support her; not to mention kept her sane.  


This unfiltered account of life is sure to be passed around your girlfriends and makes the ideal present for the young women in your life who are venturing out on their own for the very first time.   

Buy now* for only £5.99 and save £3** 


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Broken Ground by Val McDermid  

What starts out as a hunt for a 70 years old hidden treasure, buried beneath a highland peat bog quickly turns into something a lot more sinister when a corpse featuring bullet holes is found alongside it.  


Is this a long undiscovered crime? The pair of Nike’s that belong to the corpse suggest otherwise. 

Enter McDermid’s, DCI Karen Pirie and her Historic Case unit to decipher what has actually taken place and if a killer is on the loose. 


Moving effortlessly from present day to the events of 1944, the 5th instalment of the Karen Pirie series will have you on the edge of your seat as the suspicion and tension grows. 

Buy now for only £4.99 and save £3** 


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Heather Morris - The Tattooist of Auschwitz 

Based on the true story of Lale Sokolov, this fictionalised version recalls the love story of Lale and Gita.  


Lale was forced to work tattooing the prisoners of Auschwitz with the identification numbers that we now know as a horrifying symbol of the Holocaust. One day he finds the arm of Gita in his hand as he inks her number and his life is changed forever.   


Charting the brutal years spent inside the camp and the near miraculous reunion between the lovers after liberation this is a tale of love and hope in the darkest of times.  

Buy now* for only £5.84 and save £3.15** 


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Liar Liar by James Patterson, and Candice Fox   

Detective Harriet Blue is back for the third novel of this explosive series. Finding herself on the run and equally as wanted as her nemesis, Regan Banks, time is running out.  


Driven by revenge, Harriet must track Regan through Australia’s South coast. Can she stop the notorious serial killer’s latest murder spree all while evading her own outlaw status?  


Packed with twists and turns, this is a book you won’t want to put down, making it ideal for your next holiday read.    

Buy now* for only £5.99 and Save £3** 


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The Woman in the Window  by A. J. Finn  

How much can you really trust the person telling the story? In this Hitchcock inspired read from debut novelist A. J. Finn you may just start doubting yourself and what the narrator of the story- Anna Fox – is telling you. 


This short read builds paranoia and uncertainty as Anna draws you into the observations of her new neighbours. With agoraphobia making her a recluse within her Harlem town house and psychotropics and red wine making her unsure of what she sees from her window. Did she actually witness a terrible crime? 


This page turner will have you guessing ‘til the last moment. 

Buy now* for only £5.99 and save £3** 


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The Salt Path  by Raynor Winn  

What would you do if the love of your life was diagnosed with a terminal illness and you suddenly became homeless all in the course of a few days?  


Faced with just this, Raynor Winn and her husband embarked on a 630 mile walk on the South West Coast Past.  


Stretching from Somerset to Devon, the epic walk took them through Southern England’s windswept coast. Living wild and carrying everything the needed to survive with them, The Salt Path chronicles their year long journey, how nature become their safe place and ultimately how they found a home again.    

Buy now* for only £7.19 and save £2.80** 


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The Lost Man by Jane Harper  

The desolate and unforgiving Australian outback becomes the riveting setting for the latest crime drama from international best seller, Jane Harper. 


Family ties are put to the test when the middle brother of the Bright siblings is found dead in the barren wilderness. Was it suicide or something else? 


This slow burner of a novel wracks up the tension before picking up the pace and rushing headlong into a thrilling conclusion that will leave you wanting more of Harper’s tales.     

Buy now* for only £9.35 and save £3.65** 


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Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen McManus (Teen & Young Adult Fiction) 

Teens will be on the edge of their seat with this new novel from Karen McManus. The queen of YA suspense does not disappoint with this tale of murder, family secrets and small town suspicion.  


Ellery has been thrust into the heart of a series of murders. In Echo Ridge, homecoming queens have a habit of going missing and when another girl goes missing the enquiring eyes of town falls squarely on Ellery’s newly returned brother Malcolm. 


With threats and secrets at every turn, will they be able to unravel the mystery before it is too late? 

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Fing by David Walliams (7 years +) 

What could possibly go wrong when a greedy girl demands an unknown monster from her perfectly nice parents? 


Fing is the latest offering from hit author David Walliams. And the author himself claim it to be his funniest book to date.  


Aimed at seven year olds and up, this is the perfect bridge between Walliams’ short stories and his longer books for young readers. Packed full of “verbal tomfoolery and flamboyant fun“this is a book that parents will delight in reading out loud to their kiddos as well as one that confident readers will happily devour on their own.   

Buy now* for only £6.99 and save £6** 


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**Prices accurate as of 04/03/19