It is estimated that 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away each year in Britain. Of all these cups, only about 1 in 400 can actually be recycled leading to a huge amount of waste filling up bins and landfills.


We are not suggesting you go without coffee by any means, but what you can do is ditch the single use cups with one of these reusable cups. If you get your caffeine fix from a local coffee shop you might even get a discount for bringing your own cup.


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We’ve compiled a list of our favourite designs, available for prices we think you will love to make it easy for you to makes the switch and start doing your part to save the world.


1. Norweaven Ecoffe Cup

Made from Bamboo fibre, this brightly coloured cup won’t leave you with any plastic aftertaste. It comes complete with a nonslip silicone grip and a drip proof silicone lid to make getting your daily hot drink hit easy and mess free.


The cup holds 14 ounces making it perfect for those early mornings when you need some pep in your step. If you are looking for a gift for an eco-conscious friend, the Norweaven comes in its own recyclable gift box.

Buy now for only £8.99

Glasgow Times: credit: Oxfamcredit: Oxfam


2. Frank Green 12oz Titanium Smart Coffee Cup

Design buffs will love the look of this sleek Smart Coffee Cup from Frank Green.


Featuring a one push button to open and close the cup when you want to take a sip, the spill proof screw on lid means your beverage of choice is in safe hands.


The double walled, insulated outer layer means that your coffee, tea or hot chocolate will stay deliciously warm for longer. The cup holds 12 ounces and is also dish washer safe for easy cleaning.

Buy now for only £22.00

Glasgow Times: credit: Trouvacredit: Trouva


3. Stojo Light Pink Collapsible Pocket Cup

Stojo has cracked one of the downfalls of reusable cups; the amount of space they take up when not in use.


This nifty design was the brain child of three New Yorkers who wanted to combine sustainability and space saving convenience. The 12 ounce Stojo collapses in on itself to become a flat disc that is completely spill proof thanks to its screw top lid.


You can easily keep one of these in your bag and whip it out when you need it, say goodbye to single use cups with one of these beauties!

Buy now for only £12

Glasgow Times: credit: Oliver Bonascredit: Oliver Bonas


4. Huskup Reusable Eco Cup

The eco conscious coffee drinker will jump at the chance to get their hands on this delightful cup that is made from rice husks- no nasty plastics here.


Able to hold just over 14 ounces, this is the biggest reusable cup on our list. It comes complete with a silicone lid and grip to keep your hand cool but your drink hot.


The cup is dishwasher and microwave safe. After years of use, you can simply pop the cup onto your compost heap to biodegrade; what could be more environmentally friendly than that?

Buy now for only £9.99

Glasgow Times: credit: Lakelandcredit: Lakeland


5. KeepCup Original Clear

Designed by Melbourne based baristas and made right here in the UK, the fun and funky KeepCup touts itself as the first Barista standard reusable cup. And lets be honest, if you’re looking for ways to keep coffee at its best while on the go, a barista is the person to ask.


Constructed from BPA and BPS free material, the KeepCup is completely recyclable but with the ability to buy replacement parts it might be with you for longer that you think! This particular cup holds 12 ounces but you can also get an 8 ounce version if you prefer a shorter drink.

Buy now for only £12

Glasgow Times: credit: ASOScredit: ASOS


6. BODUM Travel Mug

Want something sturdy yet stylish that will keep your morning brew warm all the way to lunchtime? The BODUM travel mug could be exactly what you are looking for. It’s stainless steel exterior and vacuum style interior keeps everything toasty while the slip proof silicone band ensures it stay firmly in your hand.


Holding just under 12 ounces the BODUM Travel Mug is available in black, pink, red and grey; you might just want to pick up one of each colour to match any outfit.

Buy now for only £10.99 and save £2

Glasgow Times: credit: Curryscredit: Currys


7. SoL Tumbler £20.00

Constructed from handblown glass with a silicone thermal sleeve and a lid that is spill resistant, this stylish cup might just be your next splurge!


Part of Anthropologies artist collaboration series, the SoL Tumbler combines form and function for a reusable cup that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of.  This lightweight cup can hold 12 ounces and is also dishwasher and microwave safe.


Complete the look with the SoL Water bottle.

Buy now for only £20

Glasgow Times: credit: Anthropologiecredit: Anthropologie


8. A Short Walk rCup

There is something massively satisfying, and not to mention a bit meta, about using a reusable coffee cup that has been created from the recycled remains of paper cups. The rCup keeps drinks hot or cold thanks to its insulates sides and can hold up to 8 ounces.


It’s spill proof lid is designed to be opened with one hand. Slated to last for 10 years, use this cup to save the approximately 3,500 paper cups you would otherwise use in a decade from the landfill.

Buy now for only £10.90

Glasgow Times: credit: Trouvacredit: Trouva


Prices correct as of 14/03/19