The sun is slowly, but surely creeping back into our lives. In between the occasional bouts of snow and the ubiquitous spring rain showers there have definitely been some blue sky days already.


In preparation for a repeat of last year’s glorious summer, we have put together our list of the best barbecues on the market.


Whether you are planning on inviting the neighbours round for a grill off or want to be able to take dinner with the kids outdoors when you get the chance, you are sure to find something to fit the bill from our rundown of brilliant BBQ’s.


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1. Weber Q2000 2 Burner Gas Barbecue with stand

Cooking area: 54cm x 39cm



The stand that comes along with this particular model gives you space on either side of the gas powered grill to stage food that is waiting to go on the grill or needs a home before it hits someone’s plate.


The big selling point of this grill is it’s porcelain coating that ensures an even heat across the whole grill. It also makes it easy to clean and keeps whatever tasty treat you are barbecuing up from sticking.


A removable drip tray underneath grill that can be whipped out for easy cleaning of drips and the bits of food that slip through doesn’t hurt either.


Buy now for £207.00


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2. Landmann Grill Chef DIY BBQ

Cooking area:  40cm x 67cm



If you consider yourself pretty handy with bricks and mortar, this DIY grill may just be your next big project. There are instructions on how to construct this old school style grill but it is important to note that bricks are not included.


What you do get is a chrome coated grill, an ash catcher and a charcoal grid. The DIY nature of it means that you have ultimate control on where it will go and how you want to set up the area around it.


Buy now for £45


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3. Hi Gear Notebook BBQ Grill

Cooking Area: 45cm x 30cm



This nifty foldable beauty wind points for storage and price. As our cheapest BBQ on the list we were very impressed at the practicality of the design. Folding flat for storage, it is the ideal option to take away with you when camping.


Remove the grill and it can also double up as a handy fire pit to keep things cosy as you look up at the stars. The grill is chrome coated steel and the foldable structure is made from heat-resistant painted-steel so you can simply hose off the grill when you are done.


Buy now for £19.99


Glasgow Times: credit: GoOutdoorscredit: GoOutdoors


4. BBQ Stand Charcoal Barbecue Square

Cooking Area: 75cm x 28cm



So first things first, this BBQ is quite obviously a rectangle so we are not sure why it has had square tacked on at the end of it’s name!


Titles aside, this model offers you oodles of a space and is ideal for feeding larger groups. If you are catering for vegetarians on a regular basis you could also consider making one end of it a meat free zone.


The long length also makes it easy for two grill masters to work at the same time, ideal for feeding the hoards!


Buy now for £34.99


Glasgow Times: credit: Mano Manocredit: Mano Mano


5. Buffalo Barbecue Griddle

Cooking area: 114cm  x 58cm



Our most expensive option is also the biggest. Big enough in fact it could handle a commercial catering gig (sure to make you popular this summer with your neighbours).


This massive BBQ is a griddle rather than grill which means that while you won’t get that flame grilled look on your burgers, you will be able to cook a whole lot more in the great outdoors. Think pancakes, veggies of all shapes and sizes and even eggs.


We particularly love the convenient warming grill located above the griddle that is the perfect place to warm up buns as well as keep burger and hot dogs toasty if you are anticipating big crowds. 


Buy now for £279.99 (reduced from £499.99)


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6. Zelfo Charcoal Barbecue

Cooking area: 42 x 96cm



Featuring two separate grills that can be adjusted to three different heights, this is an ideal grill for when you have a variety of foods to cook. The different grill heights mean you can get as close or as far from the charcoals as you want.


The grill is on wheels for easy manoeuvring around the back garden and means you can quickly pop it back into the garage or shed when it is not in use.


Buy now for £65


Glasgow Times: credit: B&Qcredit: B&Q


7. Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go - Portable BBQ Grill

Cooking area: 30 x 45cm



This incredibly portable little number has a rugged look that will make you the coolest camper around. Powered by propane, you will be able to start dishing out tasty grub in no time at all.


The inbuilt temperature gauge takes the guesswork out of knowing when you should start putting things on the grill. We were also big fans of the TRU-Infrared cooking system that is built into the grill. It ensures an even heat throughout the whole of the cooking area and can even prevent flare ups from fatty outbursts.


Buy now for £180


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8. Weber Bar B 47 Charcoal Kettle barbecue

Cooking area: 47cm diameter



Our final BBQ features a circle design that is great for small gardens or even balconies.

The dome lid is ideal for getting that smoky and slow cooked BBQ flavour while the rust proof aluminium vents make sure everything is kept at a safe temperature.


The tripod design of the stand includes two wheels for easy moving as well as a handy shelf that is perfect for keeping all your grilling accessories within reach.


Buy now for £107


Glasgow Times: credit: B&Qcredit: B&Q


*prices correct as of 22/03/2019