The lawn has been mowed, the hedges trimmed, and any weeds have been taken care of.  The garden is looking in tip top shape, so much so, you’ve started thinking ahead to nights where you can fire up the BBQ and dine Al Fresco, there’s nothing quite like it.


You even start to think about stringing up the fairy lights, Pinterest style and maybe having that summer garden party you’ve been dreaming of but then you remember that you live in the UK and even at the height of summer, our nights can have quite a nip in the air.


When it comes to garden heaters, there is a lot of choice out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.  We’ve compiled a list of heaters that vary in style and price that will suit any garden size and budget.


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1. Landmann Ball of Fire Pit 

This is one of our picks that come in at the higher end of the price scale. It has been hailed as one of the UK’s best selling fire pits and it’s easy to see why. With it’s sphere shape and mesh design, the Lanmann Ball of Fire really lives up to it’s name. However, don’t fear, the mesh acts as a screen so no nasty sparks spitting out at you or your guests.


This would be perfect in a larger garden as it’s generous size would allow a large crowd to gather round giving off the perfect amount of heat and light.

Buy now: £250.00 


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2. Blooma Etinas Cast iron & steel Chiminea 

Give your back garden a touch of style with this cast iron & steel chiminea.  This is the perfect addition to any sized garden looking to add a feature that is not only stylish but practical.


The chiminea features a mesh door which allows for easy refuelling which in this case is with wood, giving off a lovely warmth and ambience. Perfect for when the sun goes down but you’re not quite ready to move indoors yet.  Included in this is a hand tool and rain lid.

Buy now: £64 


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3. Pedro Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit 

Looking to grill food and keep warm? Then this may well be the perfect garden heater for you. 


The Pedro steel wood burning fire pit’s design allows you to see the logs burning which only adds to its list of pros in our humble opinion. Another is the cut out flame shapes that surround it, who doesn’t want to see the dancing shadows of the flames when it starts to get darker..right?  Another redeemable quality that comes up time and again is its sturdy design.

Buy now: £106.99 


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4. Rustic Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace 

This may be our most expensive pick on the list but we feel that it’s easy to see why it made the cut. If you don’t want your new garden heater to stand out like sore thumb as your new purchase, then this is ideal. 


This finish is so rustic that your friends would be forgiven for thinking that you’ve had it for some time, in a good way. This substantial wood burning fireplace would make quite a statement in a garden that has a more of a bohemian, shabby chic vibe to it.

Buy Now: £319.99 


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5. La Hacienda Steel Firepit 

This steel firebowl may be a no frills garden heater but it’s design, durability and portability make it a winner in our eyes, not to mention the price, making it the most affordable on the list. We also love the fact that despite being lightweight, it has a sturdiness to it.


Planning your next birthday party? This is perfect for cosy night time gatherings in the garden.  The fact that it is portable, means that you may also want to take it on your next camping trip. Instagram able worthy pics guaranteed!

Buy now: £30.00 


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6. Outsunny Aluminum Electric Patio Heater 

Short on space but looking for a heater for your patio? Even if space is not an issue, you may not want your heater to be a main feature or dominate your precious dining or lounge area. The Outsunny Aluminium electric patio heater is ideal for adding warmth without taking up too much room.


The freestanding sleek modern design provides both light and heat and would not look out of place in any space.  We especially liked the silent operation and quick heat up function.

Buy now: £71.99 


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7. Arno Fireplace Steel Charcoal/Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace 

The compact and contemporary design of this fireplace is perfect for smaller gardens or if your outdoor space is restricted.   The tall chimney which diverts the smoke away is ideal, especially when there are little ones in the garden.


Another feature that stands out is the large storage area.  You can store your chopped wood at the bottom ready to add to the firebox at any time but be careful not to overload it.  It’s worth noting that you can always use charcoal if you prefer.

Buy now: £149.99 


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8. 12kW Flame Column Gas Patio Heater 

Our second patio heater to make the list.  This column gas patio heater by Firefly has many fantastic features that make it one of our top choices. Including, transport wheels for storability and portability when it is not being used or if you want to take it to a different venue.  The large reflector head which allows heat to spread more efficiently, reaching people within an area of approximately 30m².


This patio heater will really make a statement at your next gathering. Get it now whilst there is money off. Was: £209.99

Buy now: £169.99 


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Prices correct as of 26/03/2019