GLASGOW Commonwealth Games 2014 winner Charline Jones will be passing on her exercise tips at Sweat It Festival – a health and wellness festival taking place in Argyle Street Arches on Sunday, May 19.

The retired cyclist tells Lifestyle her favourite ways to incorporate Glasgow itself into a fitness routine.

Your local park

Of course, going for a run in your local park is not a novel idea, but with the great parks Glasgow has to offer it is an essential part of working out in the city.

Charline’s park of choice is Queen’s Park and she suggests new runners look into their local Parkruns which most Glasgow parks have organised on Saturday mornings.

“You go around at your own pace and then you can come back the next week and see if you can beat that,” ex pro cyclist Charline added.

“Or if you are feeling rubbish and just want to complete it, you have the needed motivation because everyone else is there and are going through the same burn in their legs.”

Steps of Kelvingrove

Want to get some step aerobics in without hiding away from the rare sunshine in a gym? That is not a problem according to the retired athlete who recommends heading to Kelvingrove Park and making use of their steps.

Charline adds: “You can do dips for your arms, press ups, squats and loads of different exercises on those steps.”

It may be intimidating to workout in full view of the public, but why not take a couple of friends with you to ease the anxiety?

Glasgow nightclubs

Everyone knows the great variety Glasgow nightlife has to offer, but Charline recommends something a little different than your average night out – exercise classes held in night clubs.

“I just absolutely love the mix of flashing lights, loud music and it is dark enough, so nobody can see you sweat buckets,” she explains.

She used to host a class at the Factory with retired Scottish rugby union player Colin Gregor, but now recommends classes taking place in nightclub 500 GWR that are led by Body by Amy.

If triceps dips on the steps of Kelvingrove is too public for you, it may just be the optimal location, and she adds: “If you are not one hundred percent confident, it is perfect.”

Hop on your bike

Even though she retired from competitive cycling in 2016, it remains an unmissable fitness component for Charline.

Her recommendation is to head up to the Whitelee Wind Farm for an escape to the countryside. Do not be intimidated by the long uphill as you are rewarded by the long downhill and Charline points out that it is easy if you remember “what goes up, must come down.”

“It is stunning, and it actually has a bike lane that goes all the way over the hill which makes you feel quite safe.”

And if you don’t own a bike, the cyclist encourages you to “hop on a nextbike”.

In your house

The easiest way to fit a workout into your day is by simply doing it at home. Charline points it out as her “favourite place to work out”.

She adds: “As soon as I’ve rolled out of bed, I’m in my pyjamas doing a HIIT session and once I have done it then I can go have my shower and get ready.”

It is understandable the personal trainer and yoga instructor has the needed motivation as she hosts a Facebook live for members of her fitness programme Three HIIT Wonder.

But for those of us that struggle to jump from bed straight into a squat, Charline advises finding a buddy or laying out your gym clothes by your bed so “there is no getting away from it”.

Local gyms and classes

Joining a gym can be intimidating but gym classes are an easy way to ease into it. If you just want to try out some yoga classes, Charline recommends Sweaty Betty which offers free classes for the public.

The former cyclist also leads some of the classes herself and swears by the importance of doing yoga which she discovered alongside her husband, Glasgow Warriors rugby player, Lee Jones.

“In sport when you are always pushing yourself to its maximum, it is really important to find a balance and get that time to just chill out your body,” she explains.

Sweat it Festival

If you are looking for a more guided fitness experience, check out Sweat It Festival being held on May 19 in the Argyle Street Arches. You can even get tips from Charline herself, who will be leading a talk and workshop on the day.

Coming to Glasgow for the second time, it is guaranteed to give you a jam-packed day of intense exercising, cooking demos, talks and yoga.

You can book tickets on the Sweat it Festival website.

So, the next time the sun peaks out again try and squeeze your workout in, whether in a Glasgow park or on some sturdy outdoor steps. There are more options than you would assume.