THEY promise frizz-free hair for months but growing concerns about the use of formaldehyde may have put some women off the use of semi-permanent, hair-smoothing treatments.

Thankfully, more brands are creating products without the use of the chemical.

Celebrity go-to hairdresser Taylor Ferguson in Glasgow have not used formaldehyde-based treatments for the past five years, according to stylist Michael who treated my hair with one of the latest products on the market, Braliz.

It contains ingredients including Brazilian Botanical Bioactives (BBB), and Guarana, Cashew, and Brazil nut oils which have antioxidant properties to help realign the hair fibres; repairing and smoothing out the hair cuticles. It is also vegan, a big plus point for me.

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The relatively quick smoothing process begins with a double wash of my hair, to remove product build up and provide a good base.

My hair is rough dried before Michael applies the spray, in small sections to my hair and leaves me to enjoy a cup of tea and a browse of the glossies for 20 minutes.

My hair is then washed, blowdried and straightened and I’m good to go. The result is super-smooth hair with a mirror-like shine and my highlights look a lot fresher.

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The absolute best thing about the treatment – apart from the fact that it is formaldehyde-free – is that you don’t have to wait two days before washing your hair after leaving the salon, like older keratin treatments.

After two washes my hair is easier to manage, free of frizz and a lot healthier. The treatment costs from £195. For appointments call 0141 332 0397