Love Island’s Loveburst: Coupled Up in Make A Splash

Let’s just say, I won’t be locking lips with anyone wearing Love Island’s Coupled Up anytime soon. Not because it would be a waste of money (that stuff is expensive – I’m glad I didn’t pay) but because I think it would make a right mess.

Loveburst is the new makeup collection by Love Island, inspired by the show.

Whether it’s the tropical surroundings of the villa, the sophisticated ‘ding’ of the text chime or the nightly getting-ready rituals of the contestants, it makes sense that the next merchandise from the show would be a make-up range full of liquid lipstick duos and highlighters, making things stick on and stick out.

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Matte lipstick is always tricky and oftentimes the idea of it is better than the reality. The ‘Make A Splash’ cover of Loveburst isn’t true to the packaging colour – it’s a darker brown rather than a brighter red.

The applicator was great, and it went on smooth and lovely, almost like a cream, and I was quite amused by the magnetised tops that hold the duo together into a heart shape. Magnets attract, but they don’t hold for long – unlike the matte lipstick.

Glasgow Times:

I wore it through a dinner, and my mother wore it to work and by god, did it last. Right through a pasta dish and a day spent on an airplane. It smudged slightly at the corners, where it bled out, but mostly maintained its body and shape to the point where it was quite a struggle to get it off as it clung, stubbornly, to my lips.

Both of us wore it without the topcoat which I think made it an altogether too sparkly and sticky affair.

I know that the point of a duo-lipstick is to wear the two at the same time, but my main issue is that you wouldn’t have worn them at the same time: the topcoat was far too strange a colour – a white, pearlescent glean that turned my lips halcyon. It leaves you with a matte undercoat  that is a dull brown and looks a bit of a non-colour. It would be fine to wear it alone – just fine. Not what I’d expect from something so excitingly packaged and described as ‘revolutionary’.

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It shaped my lips nicely, but I was glad I had no tan on or else it would have blended lips to face.

Like many of the couples in the villa, one of the duos is worth giving a chance: the other should not be seen out in public alone.

Verdict: Style over Substance abounds with Love Island Lipstick Duo