For me, the perfect make-up palette is one that makes my life (and train make-up routine) easier, without compromising on the levels of excitement that make-up can offer.

There is nothing nicer than having someone else pick out best-matching colour combinations or sourcing the textures that melt together like a dream. Finding the right palette that does this for you can be one of the most exciting things to emerge from buying and trying new make-up.  

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The Essentials Multicolor Eye Shadow Palette by Bobbi Brown is a good palette, but it falls short of becoming that palette.  

Glasgow Times:

A ’curated collection of eyeshadow shades in must-have colours that make application effortless’, it is indeed a good day to night palette, but I find that it’s slightly heavy on the night.

Made of four metallic shadows, two light and two dark with one cream shadow, ‘Hot Smoke’ is just that wee bit too dark to be a decent middle-colour.

I go for a lighter eye during the day with a darker eye at night, but Hot Smoke gets lost in the strong pigment of Speakeasy and doesn’t achieve the depth to have an effective light-eye.

It is also slightly pricey, at £32 for the palette, but its eye-watering effect is slightly diluted when you remember you get five colours and a good mirror included. 

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Despite this, this a beautiful, useful palette.

The darkness of ‘Galatic’ is a perfect substitute for eyeliner on those days where the train is just that bit too jiggly (provided you have a brush), and on the days where you are sans-brush, Speakeasy is great for finger-application.

The pigment is strong enough without being massively over-powering, so you can layer for more oomph. And, the packaging is nice and sturdy with a decent sized mirror.

Even if it’s not going to be the one you chuck in your bag before the train on a Monday morning, you’d be glad to see it there come a Friday afternoon.  

The palette is available from all Bobbi Brown stockists in Glasgow including House of Fraser and at