I’M blessed with long lashes but they do not curl. I’ve tried all the tricks including heating up eyelash curlers with a hairdryer and many, many brands of mascara and while they give a temporary lift, it is always short-lived.

The solution is to get occasional extensions and I really love the super glamorous result this gives but it’s pricey and they don’t last very long.

Revival Retreat on Byres Road offers an eyelash lift, which includes a tint and promises to give a natural looking curl, lasting from six to eight weeks.

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The procedure takes about an hour all in but is completely painless and actually quite relaxing. Pads are applied to the top lid and the lashes are brushed up against it. A perming lotion is then applied and left to develop (the smell will take you back to dodgy teenage perms) for ten minutes.

My skin can be quite sensitive so the therapist, Joanne opts for a shorter developing time but it can be left on longer for a more pronounced curl.

Glasgow Times:

While it develops she gives me a much-needed arm and hand massage and applies the tint.

The result is good - there is a definite curl but it’s very natural looking, just my own lashes but better. The aftercare is very simple, I’m told just to avoid getting my lashes wet for 24 hours.

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While it isn’t as high-glam as extensions, they look great with a coat of mascara. Those with thicker, darker lashes would get an even better result.

Revival Retreat eyelash lift is priced £51, including a tint. For bookings call 0 141 337 1234