IT seems too good to be true. Sleep in a silk turban and wake up to a good hair day? Every. Single. Day.

Of course women have been wrapping their hair in silk for centuries to beat frizz and keep their hair smooth, it’s not a completely new concept.

Celebrities including actress Hayley Atwell and model Jourdan Dunn have been photographed wearing Silke hair wraps which were created by Maria Sotiriou who was on a mission to find a product that would encourage her hair to grow, retain its style, prevent it breaking off at the ends and banish frizz.

Sounds like a tall order for any product but believe the hype ladies, this fancy night cap actually works.

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I’ve forked out hundreds of pounds on keratin blowdries, standard blowdries and every anti-frizz fighter on the market. I wasn't nicknamed strawheid by my dad as a child for nothing.

The permanent blowdries do work but they are costly and have historically contained toxic chemicals while I’ve never found a shampoo and conditioner that really delivers enough for repeat purchases.

The 100% silke hair wrap works by eliminating the nightly friction and moisture absorption of bed linen that causes breakages, frizz and split ends

All you do is twist your air into a bun into the turban and go to sleep. It's very comfortable to wear.

Even on those nights where you wash your hair before bed and it’s not completely dry (usually leading to disaster in the morning) your hair will still look polished.

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It helps that the hair wrap exudes a glamorous 1920s look, more Dita von Teese than Nora Batty and there are a range of gorgeous colours to choose from.

The first time I tried the wrap I was blown away by how smooth and soft my locks were the next day and I’ve slept in it ever since. 

It’s not cheap at £50 but I’d say it’s well worth the splurge for anyone with problem hair.