BLAME it on Kirstie Allsopp, but upcycling – the art of reusing unloved, tired and dated objects in a new and innovative way – is having a moment right now. 
It’s all over Instagram and television is full of programmes showing us all how to turn a ladder into shelving or a sewing machine into a storage unit, and more.
It’s now much more fashionable to fill your home with items that come with the coating of age and style than the latest lot of mass-made flat-pack furniture.
I have always loved being creative, ever since I was a little girl making slippers out of cardboard and barbie outfits out of toilet paper. I remember my mum saying to me that a house should have character and that is a hard balance to strike when you have a new build and all the rooms and walls look the same as your neighbours. 
Upcycling is not without risk – when I started to experiment with the furniture and soft furnishings in my home, I was a little scared and I’m not going to lie – there have been a few disasters.

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Recently, I have changed my kitchen clock from white to silver (and now that I’m loving gold a bit more, it’s about to be changed again); switched ornaments between rooms and changed their colours to make them fit with different themes; and in my new navy and gold bedroom, I changed the handles on my bedside drawers for a quick and easy new look. 
My top tip is – don’t be frightened to try it, start small and take some obvious safety steps, such as spray-painting outside or in well-ventilated rooms to reduce fumes. Prepare well, be imaginative, have fun and be bold.

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MUST HAVE BUY: E-cloths (from £3.99, Dunelm) Great little cloths, high-performance and fab for the environment. I use them on mirrors and furniture.

You would think your dishwasher should be constantly cleaning itself — but sadly, it does not. Letting food and grime build up can cause serious damage but there is a really simple trick to deep-cleaning your dishwasher. After you have taken out the racks, simply soak them in a sink half full of hot water and add two cups of vinegar – it makes a huge difference.