THERE are two bandwagons to jump on here: the balm bandwagon, and the Glossier bandwagon. And I am totally okay with getting on both. 

Berry Balm Dotcom is the newest addition to Glossier’s ‘universal skin salve’ range, a range which already includes flavours of coconut, mint and birthday cake. (Which I have already divulged into...)

A multipurpose balm which can be used for cuticles to elbows to lips, the berry flavour is sweet and successfully boasts a berry flavour that is not too overpowering. 

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The purple tint complicates matters when applying to elbows or nails, but the balm does leave lips feeling soft and moisturised.

Glasgow Times:

As per, any Glossier product that arrives comes in the iconic Glossier pouch, which can be used for so many other purposes: pencil case, purse, make-up bag, gym pouch... and as per, if you follow Glossier's instagram, they constantly post innovative ways to use their products. 

My favourite was the idea to punch a hole in the Berry Balm and put it on your keyring. 24/7 moisture - what more could you want?