FROM collecting clothes to supporting the emergency services at the Lockerbie disaster, the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) has been offering comfort and compassion in crisis for over 80 years.

Now Glasgow is celebrating the history and necessity of these volunteers in a new community exhibition at Kelvingrove Art Gallery: Compassion in Crisis, which opened yesterday.

The exhibition chronicles eight decades of RVS in Glasgow, and focuses largely on pieces from the Glasgow Women’s Voluntary Services.

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Speaking exclusively to the Evening Times, Archivist Jennifer Hunt, above, said: “We jumped at the chance to show the RVS in Glasgow, because we don’t often get the chance to tell the Scottish story.”

The exhibition also features a commissioned piece ‘Thinking oot tha box’, created by members of one of the organisation’s volunteer-led Art Club One, ran by RVS from Project Ability.

Michael Christie, inset, one of the Art Club one artists, said: “We wanted our piece to be as open and free as possible. It’s so special to be included in a gallery such as Kelvingrove and it shows you how important the RVS is.”