THEY support us every single day, with a complex network of 26 bones,33 joins and 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments.

Despite running for fourteen years, I’ve only ever had one pedicure, which seems a bit ridiculous given the amount spent on other health and beauty treatments.

However, my toenails took a bashing on a recent walking trip in boots that on hindsight are a half size too small so I’ve booked in with podiatrist to the stars, Margaret Dabbs, who opened a clinic on Glasgow’s Bothwell Street, about two years ago, the first in Scotland.

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I’ve opted for the medical pedicure because I’m not too concerned with the cosmetic appearance of my feet, I’m more interest in a health MOT.

Podiatrist Emma-Jo is also trained in biomechanics, which studies how muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments work together to produce movement and clients can opt for an assessment.

The most common problems she sees are bunions and fungal nail infections, which thankfully I don’t have.

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I don’t have any running-related problems so she gives my feet a thorough check for any other signs of stress. I try not to be too offended when she slips on an mask.

She can’t do anything about the trauma to my slightly black big toe nails but sets to work improving the appearance and health oft the cuticles and nails as well as well as zapping some hard skin with a fancy electric tool. No pumice stones in sight here.

The clinic also stocks a full range of products, aimed at maintaining good foot health and I’m already a convert to the foot hygiene cream, a thick balm that is a real treat to use after a run.

Emma-Jo finishes off with a relaxing foot massage and my feet look and feel healthier than they have in years.

The medical pedicure isn’t cheap, with prices starting at £85, but if you have a painful problem with your feet, it’s probably worth the splurge.

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