Pillow Talk Lipstick is, much like all else 90s related, a cult classic. And, just like all things 90s related, its making a comeback.

The Charlotte Tilbury classic has recently launched two new versions of Pillow Talk Lipstick, overhauling the packaging and shades. Pillow Talk is a lipstick that is as ubiquitous as Mean Girls quotes and has been cited by many glorified glamour-pusses as their go to for both night and day occasions - The Independent reported that one pillow talk matte lipstick sells every two minutes globally, and that celebrities such as Gweneth Paltrow, Amal Clooney, Alexa Chung and Kate Moss have spoken about the place that the lipstick holds in their hearts and shelves.

So, with all this in mind, how does the revamp fair?

Pillow Talk in Lucky Diamond is a surprising nude shade that verges on darker brown than skin tone. It is speckled with rose gold, which matches the colour of the slim tube.

The bronze-coral shade has the pink undertones of a classic nude, but the warmth of the gold specks gives a different layer of depth to the colour, which in turn serves to contour the shape of the lips more. Also, its vanilla notes smell amazing.

Applying Pillow Talk is smooth and indulgent, achieving a good colour from the pigmentation without over-application

Just as the trends go, Pillow Talk has moved from matte to a lipstick-gloss hybrid and the angled shape of the lipstick makes it easy to apply with attention to the cupid's bow. The shimmer is more stubborn than the lipsticks colour but it lasts long, smells good, and reminds us of Paris Hilton stepping out of a car in her heyday- what's not to like?