Everything about Glossier is inconspicuously refreshing, including their newest set: Eye Trio. Packaged in typical Glossier fashion, with a pink bubble wrap pouch, Glossier's newest make-up set turns it's head to the window of the soul.

The set is comprised of Lash Slick mascara, Pro Tip liquid liner and Milky Oil make-up remover.

Glossier doesn't just think about how to make good makeup, but how to take it off in a safe and sensible way. It's relieving to know that I need look no further than the same bag as my eyeliner for the magic ingredient that will take it off.

Having previously reviewed Lash Slick, it was little more than a joy to return to this waterproof product.

Pro Tip Liquid Liner has such a narrow point that drawing cat's eyes and getting to the lash line, the more tricky spaces, is made easy - which makes removing it more difficult.

The Milky Oil remover is good but not good enough to reach into those spaces. Despite this, it gives a Glossier dew. What more could one want?