Fashionable earrings do not just grow on trees, but they do expand in hot ovens in the west end of Glasgow.

Wera Clay, the newest jewellery pop-up to bubble up from the streets around Byres Road, is the brain child of Alice Tersnesten, 25 and Antonia Grier, 23.

"I had moved to Scotland from Sweden to live with my boyfriend" said Alice.

"I invited Alice over for a wine and craft night, because I knew how creative she was.

"A few glasses later and these earrings came about - we weren't really thinking that it would be something.

"I was working in Urban Outfitters at the time and I wore them to work, and had so many compliments on how they looked.

"People said they would pay for them, so we started making some more and that's how Wera Clay came about."

Wera Clay are the uber-cool earrings sold out of various vintage stores and markets across Glasgow's west end, like West Vintage on Great Western Road.

Bright, fun and unique, the Wera Clay earrings are unique and unusual, hand-crafted by Alice and Antonia, baked and painted.

Their variety of colours and shapes, neon green windows and red snake-squiggles, are instantly eye catching.

"We took the earrings to sell at our first market, and it felt more serious.

"That was when we had to come up with a marketing plan and a name. 'Clay' is obviously because of how the earrings are made, but 'Wera' was just a word that rolled off the tongue, and looked nice.

"I love a bold fashion statement and was bored of wearing mass produced earrings or having to spend an absolute bomb on a cool pair" said Antonia.

"When I first started making earrings with Alice, usually on a boozy Friday night, it was a way to be creative and come up with fun designs for us to wear – from everyday to a fancier night out.

"Clay is such a versatile material so we had a world of opportunities – pretty much any size, shape or colour we could imagine."

Another strong focus of Wera Clay is accessiblity - they are unisex and made with everyone and anyone in mind.

"We are unique, unisex and aim to give people an affordable item that will add an impact to any outfit they wear" said Antonia. "When we started selling them in June we found it hard for a while to keep up" Alice laughed.

It is indeed a good problem to have.

Although the earrings are sold in their physical form in boutiques around Glasgow, much of Alice and Antonia's stock is sold online, on Etsy and specifically on Instagram.

"Instagram is a big part of our marketing, without us even realising it to be" said Alice. "I think people like the style of it and it's not just how you show the product, but how you show the earrings off in the pictures".

"One of my favourite parts is the photoshoots we do" says Antonia. "We get to work with such cool people from Glasgow, such as our photographer Connor Mcleod and our amazing models – coming up with fun pics for Instagram that truly show what our brand is about.

"We just had our first Christmas and the markets were an incredible opportunity" said Antonia.

For Alice, Wera Clay means more than just earrings.

"All my friends are so encouraging, and everyone has a side hustle, or at least are encouraged to be creative on the side.

"I'm originally from Sweden and I think that in Glasgow it is encouraged so much more than anywhere else.

"People are more supportive to local businesses here, and especially in the west end of the city.

"Making our earrings for Wera Clay has given me more confidence in my creativity. I think it's made me realise that I want to do something more creative in my life."