SO many little children dream of having their own shop when they grow up.

Whether its the endless options of outfits, helping other customers or being their own boss, there are loads of attractive reasons why having your own shop would be a dream.

For Shona Bruce, a 21 year old from the South Side of Glasgow, her dream has become a reality.

Shona, who is currently studying Fashion Branding at Glasgow Caledonian University, has recently opened her own high end boutique in Muirend called Dress The Part.

Glasgow Times:

"I was studying economics at the University of Glasgow, and I hated it. I had applied because it was similar to what everyone else was doing after school, but it wasn't for me" said Shona.

"I left and was working a few odd jobs until I got a job in French Connection and I absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed speaking to people."

Glasgow Times:

An old shop, Not Posh, went up for sale in the area that caught Shona's eye.

What better a way to learn the ins and outs of fashion business than to throw yourself at the deep end?

"When the boutique was up for sale I just thought 'let's go for it' and learn on the job. I did the Fashion Branding because I wanted to have the theory and the massive homework of having my own shop."

Glasgow Times:

A rejig of life as she had known it before mixed in with a spot of finances later, and Shona was the new owner of her very own fashion boutique at the mere age of 21.

"I wanted to put my own stamp on the shop. I wanted proper collections, good quality clothing with a view to sustainability.

"The best view to be sustainable is to tackle fast fashion, not wearing something just once then throwing it away.

"In my head, a boutique sells something that gives a memory - an outfit that you remember wearing, that you'll wear again and again and that you can't bear to throw away, even when it doesn't fit you anymore. That's what I want to have in my shop."

Glasgow Times:

As one would imagine, being a student and owning your own business has called for a big overhaul of Shona's life.

"Some people still come into the shop and ask me where the manager is, and they find it hard to believe that it's me.

"Its such a cool opportunity though. I have so much energy around it and I think that's what makes the difference."