BENEFIT is all about brows – as the sheer volume of eyebrow products attests.

I’m trying out the 17th member of the Benefit Brow Collection, the Brow Styler.

A sleek silver dual ended pencil, this nifty bit of kit gives you the chance to try out three different looks from one. Available in eight shades, the multi-tasker has a pencil at one end and a powder at the other with the powder used on its own for a softer look and the pencil designed to give a more defined look.

Using both together created a really bold eyebrow.

I have the choice of warm golden blonde and warm light brown. I usually stick with lighter colours as I’m a bit of a scaredy cat but, actually, the darker colour is perfect. I started off with the powder to try to softly define my almost non-existent eyebrows.

Glasgow Times:

Top tip – do your brows before your eye make-up because the powder tends to make a bit of a mess. I found it hard to control the colour so ended up with one brow much darker than the other. The wax pencil, however, is superb. It is easy to control, gives excellent definition and it gives amazing staying power.

The duo is designed to be waterproof and last for up to 18 hours – and it really does stay put. This, though, means you need to be extra careful with the powder as mistakes are hard to remove. Overall? Expensive but worth it.

Brow Styler is

available online from

and various high street retailers priced £30.