MY SCHOOL: The layout of my primary school is so vivid in my head I can still remember it all, even the space around the building. It was my local school, Head of Muir Primary, where my two big brothers had also gone. It was a great school, with such a nurturing atmosphere. The headteacher was Margaret Sharp, and she started the same year as my year group did in 1989. I remember her saying we were “her” group when we left P7. I believe she’s a CBE now. Good on her.

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FAVOURITE TEACHER: Tough call, but it has to be Mrs Wilson, who taught me in P7. She was an extraordinary woman; calm, commanding, caring, patient and had such an impact on me. I remember her getting me a whole stack of Dr Who books in a local library book sale. And I will always remember Mr Husband from P5 – that man changed my life. The 1960s topic made me a life-long Dr Who fan; he created this monster. I’d love to meet up with them to see how they are doing.

SCHOOL DINNERS, PACKED LUNCH OR HOME? School dinners when I was very young – I remember Mrs Morag teaching me how to eat soup properly by taking it from the edge of the bowl. I went home for lunch break around P4. Sometimes I cooked lunch for my mum - usually some rice - so she could have it on her lunch break from work.

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FAVOURITE SUBJECT: English and reading, unquestionably. I just love stories and the escapism of fiction. I also liked audiobooks, especially Henry’s Leg, read by Martin Jarvis – can still hear lines from it in my head. My mum worked in the local library so I always got loads of audio cassettes home.

LEAST FAVOURITE SUBJECT: Maths. I remember Mrs. Wilson working very hard with me in P7 to get me up to speed for secondary. Waste of time as I have not used any of it since.

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BEST FRIEND AT SCHOOL: I’ve always been a bit a loner but Dillon (Andrew to everyone else, but we always called him by his surname) was in every single class with me so I’m going to nominate him. He was great at art and I wasn’t.

IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING FROM MY SCHOOLDAYS… I would not change that much, as my time at primary school was really great. I would be kinder to a boy called Jason Lord, though - I really regret not standing up for him

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