Like everyone else, my hands have taking a true beating from hand sanitiser, hand wash and cleaning products throughout this pandemic.

Ishga’s Hydrating Hand Cream has nurtured all of the cracks and dry spots that have been caused by excess washing and cleaning over the past few weeks. In general, I don’t like hand creams – they leave my hands feeling oily and slimy - however Ishga has my exception.

Unlike every other hand cream I have ever used, this one does not leave my hands feeling slimy. Upon application the product disperses evenly and smoothly from the glass bottle and glides evenly onto my palms.

Glasgow Times:

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With organic seaweed being a key ingredient, the fresh seaside smell instantly brings me home to the west coast.

This product has truly impressed me – with pure organic ingredients, recyclable packaging and a natural constituent of essential oils. It’s no wonder my hands feel as smooth as silk. 

In isolation with my Mum, even she is raving about it and often pinching it. 

This product is undoubtedly luxurious - I’d say £29.50 for 100ml of organic sheer goodness a fair price in getting what you pay for.

The product can be found here.