There's nothing that makes me feel better than a nice, healthy bit of bronze. When I glow on the outside, I glow on the inside too. 

Like many others this year, I have suffered the disappointment of a cancelled summer holiday. This along with the dreich Glasgow weather means there's a fat chance I'll be catching a natural tan any time soon.

But, if you could see me now, you would second chance that. My visit to BLOW's new Beach Bum Tanning Boutique has left me feeling like I actually did spend a week in Barcelona - just like I was meant to. 

Glasgow Times:

Beach Bum launched on the lower ground floor of BLOW CITY on Queen Street last Monday and is offering its new client base a real tropical treat.

The holiday hideaway is a fully immersive beach experience with wave sounds, a beach backdrop, palm trees, neon signs and the smell of suntan lotion in the air.

It took a short 35 minutes to make me look as though I had just spent two weeks soaking up the sunshine and four days after my treatment, it's still staying wih me. 

Glasgow Times:

The Fake Bake solutions used by Beach Bum are used to compliment your natural pigment - meaning there are no risks of orange streaks. 

All liquids are also free from artificial preservatives and parabens and contain a naturally-derived, unique tanning formula for longer-lasting, natural-looking results.

Results are expected to last around seven to 10 days if you thoroughly moisturise all over after each wash.

Glasgow Times:

This is a perfect treat if you're heading out for drinks, have a birthday or just fancy feeling good. In a safe, comfortable environment where the service really does make you smile, £25 for a spray tan seems justifiable. 

But I will warn - take a taxi or drive home after your treatment in town!