AS the mornings become increasingly dark and dreary it can become even harder to yourself out of bed and the current situation doesn’t help.

I’m looking for little chinks of light wherever they are and Jo Loves new shower gel and body lotion is a boost for pandemic-weary minds.

Zingy grapefruit is combined with bitter orange, lime and spearmint with darker notes of guaiac wood, vetiver and black pepper providing a lovely balance to the fragrance, which is also availalable as a perfume.

A new luxurious bath and shower gel and body lotion has been added to the range which when used in tandem will cleanse and moisturise while helping lock in the uplifting notes of the fragrance.

The body lotion contains cocoa butter, almond and grape seed oil to soothe and soften the skin, along with anti-oxidising vitamin E to improve overall skin health.

It’s a lovely tonic for cold winter mornings and deeply moisturising for the skin with a scent that lingers until late afternoon.

Jo Loves Bath & Shower Gel is priced £35 with the Body Lotion available for £40.