False eyelashes have changed from being a special occasion adornment to an everyday staple fuelled by a huge growth in the extensions market.

If done correctly, extensions are a super-flattering beauty treament, for all ages but it's time consuming and costly and quite rightly so. It's a highly skilled and labour intensive process for eyelash technicians. 

However, the hefty price tag means it's probably not going to be a regular treatment for the majority of us. What then, is a good alternative for those of us who have experienced the mood-boosting effect of extensions.

I've never been able to master the art of false lash application and while I've had a bit more success with the individual variety, it's fiddly and takes more far time than I'd like.

Magnet lashes have been around for a while and piqued my curiosity but a beauty salon owner old me they had not really taken off with clients and that was enough to put me off.

However, there is a new brand on the market that has been popping up on my social media channels for months. Lola's Lashes are said to be the UK's number one magnet lash brand.

It's a clever and very persuasive marketing tool to feature photo reviews from 'real women' on the brand's website and not models blessed with cat's eyes and make-up artistry.

So how do they work?  I'm delighted to find out they are an absolute breeze to put on and will add mere seconds to your beauty routine.

Glasgow Times:

The Rose Quartz  starter pack is priced £35 and includes a black, magnet eyeliner and a little bottle of oil-based cleanser to remove the liner (although any oily make-up remover will also do the job).

It's fine to use your own liquid eye-liner first, then apply Lola's on top. It's best to apply a couple of layers and then leave it for about 15 seconds to dry.

After that, it's just a case of placing the lashes on top of the liner and marvelling at how they stay put.

Glasgow Times:

I've worn them all day in wintry, windy and wet Scottish weather and they don't budge an inch. 

Best of all they are 100% animal cruelty free and with a bit of care should last for 30 plus uses. The lashes are priced £20 and come in a variety of styles from the subtle Rose Quartz to full-on red carpet glamour Ruby. It's safe to say I'm hooked.