A LOCAL designer was delighted to find out a pair of their handmade earrings is featured in the new Barbie movie. 

The owner of Glasgow-based Isle of Clay, which specialises in polymer clay earrings and other crafts, revealed on social media that the earrings were worn by Margot Robbie after they were bought by the Warner Bros Studios' costume department last year. 

Robbie stars in the film's lead role as 'Stereotypical Barbie' and wore the white retro-inspired classics during a pivotal scene. 

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The post on Instagram read: "So this is so random but my earrings are in the Barbie movie and I can't quite believe it.

"I found out two months ago but was absolutely swamped at my day job so didn't really have time to even think about posting about this here but... I just saw the movie in the cinema and all the excitement and disbelief came rushing back."

They continued: "So, long story short, last July I sold two pairs of the white retro-inspired round classics to Warner Bros Studios and, even though that was already very exciting, I did not know which movie or show they were going to end up in (if any!).

"Then 10 months later, to my absolute amazement, they appear in THE BARBIE MOVIE TRAILER!

"I mean what is going on... turns out that the gal who bought them from my Etsy shop is in the costume department for the movie and thought they would be a good match...

"I can't believe Margot Robbie is on screen wearing something I made with my hands... absolute madness.

"What a highlight of my Isle of Clay journey this has been!"


Fans of shop, which sells its products on Etsy, shared their congratulations at the news. 

One person wrote: "That is amazing.

"I even said to myself while watching it that they looked like polymer clay earrings. So cool."

Another said: "That’s absolutely brilliant, well done you how unbelievably exciting!

"You must be on such a high seeing them on Barbie."

A third person added: "Wow! That is amazing...well done. They look great too."