A mysterious speakeasy is set to return to the city for one weekend only.

Wheesht will pop up in the West End from Friday, August 25 to Sunday, August 27.

The first of its kind in Glasgow, Wheesht originally opened before the pandemic as a "haven for cocktail drinkers".

The original venue was forced to close over lockdown, but the team behind the venture are now bringing back the experience as a three-day event.

Founders Rhuaridh Paul, Jamie Moran, and Dave Ali wanted to do something different with the bar.

Glasgow Times: Left to RIght; Rhuaridh Paul, Jamie Moran, Dave AliLeft to RIght; Rhuaridh Paul, Jamie Moran, Dave Ali (Image: Wheesht)

Jamie said: "We wanted to create something that hadn't been seen in Glasgow before which is that there's no drinks menu at all to speak of."

The team at Wheesht will sit down with each person who comes through the door to discuss tastes and what people's favourite flavours are.

Once the bartender has enough inspiration, they will make a bespoke cocktail for each person.

Jamie said: "All the drinks are completely unique and designed for each individual person."

The location for Wheesht is kept tight-lipped as part of the secretive speakeasy vibe and is only revealed after punters make a reservation.

Jame said: "It's a new venue but it is one where we have done things in the past.

"We have an air of secrecy to us, being a speakeasy. We don't tell people where it's going to be until they book in.

"Then we send out a hand-drawn map with instructions on how to get there and there's a password at the door."

Tickets are split into two categories. The Full Wheesht includes a welcome drink and three Wheesht cocktails for £45 over a time slot of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The second option is the Mini Wheesht which includes two drinks over an hour for £25.

Jamie said: "We're incredibly excited to do Wheesht again. It's a very unique style of service that people seem to love and we really love providing."

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