A famous Glasgow music venue has teamed up with a popular designer for a 'ground-breaking' merchandising partnership.

Christian MacLeod has linked up with The Barrowlands for a long-term partnership and he’s even been allowed to transform the legendary logo, creating new brands Barrowleod and CB.

Glasgow Times:

Following months of negotiations, Christian, who shot to stardom with his innovative belt designs back in 2007, has been appointed to create an exclusive collaboration with the iconic venue.

He will create and manufacture a new premium range of co-branded products to showcase the venue around the world.

Glasgow Times:

The Highlands-born designer, who now lives in Glasgow, said: "Teaming up with Barrowland is incredibly humbling and such a unique opportunity, it is beyond an honour – this is a childhood dream come true.

"Being allowed to change the logo – not on the venue, of course, that would be sacrilege – but for our projects, was incredible. Beyond my wildest dreams. To see my name as part of the Barras logo….wow.

"My first memory of Glasgow is my father taking me to the Barras Markets. I remember being mesmerised by the noise, the bustle, the energy and the vibrancy of the area.

"The sign always stuck in my head. It’s iconic for a reason. All of that comes together to create the most powerful inspiration I can imagine.

"I want to reimagine the idea and ranges of Barrowland merchandise; the result is a modern uniform of the streets, designed in Glasgow and intended for the world. Blending heritage and innovation; rewrite the script. I want to welcome you all into that world. Come backstage with us.”

Glasgow Times:

Christian's new brand trademark “CB”, will appear on all items of merchandise designed by Christian from the venue in future, sold on Christian’s website and in-house at the Barrowland.

He added: "CM® will release the first limited edition ‘CB’ co-branded product before winter 23 but while you wait in anticipation, pick up some hand-signed posters from our online store, as we celebrate a first-of-its-kind collaboration at the Barrowland.

"The signed posters are collectable pieces themselves and extremely limited, so we hope fans will love them and buy into our new concept for this very special venue."

“It’s hard to put into words what makes the Barrowland Ballroom so special - there is something special lurking in those quirky old corners and nooks, which I am lucky enough to be able to explore."

Glasgow Times:

Tom Joyes, general manager at Barrowland added: "We are delighted and excited to work with Christian MacLeod. We are very much looking forward to unveiling his vision - to match his co-branded products with the magic of our venue."

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