From Australia to Glasgow's East End, meet the couple who volunteered at a charity during the UCI Cycling World Championships. 

Ben and Roslyn Thomson travelled to Scotland at the beginning of August from Melbourne to allow Ben to compete in the BMX Racing category at Glasgow Green where he reached the semi-finals.

But unlike most tourists, the couple used their free time in the city to volunteer at Free Wheel North -  a charity that looks to support people of all backgrounds and disabilities to enjoy cycling.

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Speaking about how she discovered the volunteering opportunity, Roslyn, 42, said: "I was out running one morning, looking for activities to do with the children.

"That was when I stumbled across the volunteering sign for Free Wheel North and I had been speaking to someone there about it when the founder, Norman (Armstrong), came across. 

"After a chat with him, it was clear what he was doing was absolutely fantastic and it is in my nature to volunteer.

"And how could I not invite Ben along, he is the one with all the knowledge and skills that he could pass on to the children.

"It was just such a rewarding experience to be able to help people in the area."

Glasgow Times:

Ben, 48, has been into bikes his full life with the Aussie star saying he was "fortunate enough" to make a career out of what he loved to do. 

It was this passion for bikes that made him excited to help out at the charity as he added: "Cycling is simply an amazing thing to do.

"It is something that everyone can do, and if they can't, you can teach them very easily.

"But what Norman has created is incredible and I really love what he has been able to make of it for the community in Glasgow.

"He is a genius for taking something like this and really helping people. I know that we wouldn't be able to do that here in Australia due to restrictions.

"For me, he is also brave for sticking his neck out for people like this.

"To have myself, Roslyn and the children all be able to be part of the community for the short time we were in Scotland was terrific. The children loved it too."

Glasgow Times:

It was only high praise for Glasgow from the Melbourne family after they found the city to be very welcoming, beautiful and exciting.

Ben and Rosalyn also stated that Glasgow was a place they never thought of coming to but after their spell of meeting the many Glasweigians they came across, Roslyn said they would be back.

He said: "It was such a fun time in Glasgow and the people were amazing that we came across.

"We stayed on Buchanan Street and the streets were always filled with life. 

"Helping out at the charity was the highlight of the holiday.

"Scotland is a place that we will be coming back to.

Ben added: "Glasgow is full of real and fun people.

"The city really embraced the event and that is always great to see.

"It is arguably one of the best cycling events I have ever been to."