A few weeks ago, we looked at the Glasgow pub that was known as the Gimlet, then Ruchill Tavern – but most famously of all, as the Clansman.

The bar was used for filming of the first few series of Still Game and viewers would instantly recognise its exterior as the Ruchill Tavern.

Sadly, it is no longer preserved as a part of the programme’s legacy, as it was demolished many years ago.

But eagle-eyed fans will still be able to spot a number of iconic locations in the city associated with Craiglang and its residents as they are still around.

Here are just a few you can still visit in Glasgow:

Osprey Heights

Glasgow Times:

Jack and Victor live alongside nosy neighbour Isa in Osprey Heights, a typical postwar block of flats in Glasgow.

The flats used as the backdrop for Osprey Heights was an 18-storey block on Collina Street in the city’s Maryhill.

Built in 1967, the building won an award from Keep Scotland Beautiful back in 2018.

The ‘hot seat’

Glasgow Times:

In the episode ‘Hot Seat’, Glasgow is enjoying a rare sunny day which means the whole city is making a beeline for the park to get a good spot to enjoy the weather.

After strolling into the park at their leisure and being stuck next to the rubbish bins, Jack and Victor soon learn that they have to be quick to get the best seat with the best views.

Glasgow Times:

When they eventually beat all their competitors to it, they end up completely sunburnt from sitting on it all day.

Rather aptly named, the real so-called ‘hot seat’ is located in Victoria Park in the west of the city.

Navid’s shop

Glasgow Times:

To walk past it, it’s like any other convenience store in Glasgow. But Townhead Convenience Store was used as Harrid’s Convenience Store.

Run by Navid, the shop was the go-to for all the needs of the Craiglang community: Jack’s pipe tobacco, Victor’s fishing magazine, and a family-sized bag of revels.

It was previously known as Alfy’s Paper Shope until was sold in 2020. Earlier this year, permission was secured by the council licensing board for the store to sell alcohol – hopefully they’ve hidden the Midori in case Big Innes returns.

Glasgow Central station

Glasgow Times:

This is one of the more obvious ones, but Glasgow Central was featured so prominently as a location in one episode that it deserves a special mention. In ‘Faimly’, the second episode of the first series, Jack and Victor are eagerly awaiting a visit from Victor’s son John who lives in Johannesburg.

After being unable to make out what time his train will arrive on the answering machine, the pair pitch up at the station all day in the hope of catching him.

They keep themselves occupied with ridiculously huge takeaway burgers and portable ping-pong but then - in one of the programme’s more heartfelt moments - Victor realises that his son didn’t turn up.

The golf course

In ‘Tappin’, Tam and Winston are trying to enjoy a round of golf when their pleasant afternoon is interrupted by the gang of local neds who are zooming around on bikes, stealing golf balls, and shooting at them with a pellet gun.

The pair soon become embroiled in a grudge match against the lads, but even though the pensioners win, the neds don’t react to losing too well and Tam and Winston end up buried neck-deep in the sand.

Knightswood locals and anyone who uses the course will recognise Knightswood Golf Course from the scenes. The nine-hole course is located on Archerhill Road.

What's your favourite Still Game spot in the city?