A Bearsden pub will be scrutinised to ensure it is compliant with licensing requirements following a fatal incident at another pub in the same chain.

East Dunbartonshire Licensing Board received notification from Stonegate that the pub company had been convicted for a health and safety breach relating to an 2019 incident in Durham, in which 20-year-old Olivia Burt died after a decorative screen fell on her as she was queuing outside city centre bar Missoula.

A case heard at Teeside Crown Court, which concluded on July 6, saw Stonegate found guilty of health and safety violations and punished with a  £1.56 million fine.

There is a single Stonegate pub in East Dunbartonshire, the Station in Bearsden, and due to the conviction of the parent company the local licensing board was asked to decide whether to arrange a licensing hearing to assess the fitness of the local license holders, or take no action.

Police Scotland has made no recommendation calling for any change, suspension or revocation of the Station’s license but the board agreed to proceed with the hearing in order to fulfil its obligation to protect public safety.