A sacked Glasgow cafe worker claims she has been forced to leave the city as she battles the cost-of-living crisis.

Jenna McDonald was shocked to be fired on the shop floor from Brawsome Bagels in Partick in June over her timekeeping.

The 23-year-old claims she was late because of unreliable trains but had been regularly praised for her work in the shop.

As she was still in her probation period, she was offered no notice and sent home.

Jenna now claims it took several weeks for her to be paid, leaving her struggling to get by and forcing her to return to Ireland to live with family.

Glasgow Times: Jenna had just graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University before starting her job in the cafeJenna had just graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University before starting her job in the cafe (Image: Sourced)

However, Brawsome Bagels told the Glasgow Times they believe they acted "fairly".

Jenna said: “I was really shocked to be fired because I had been praised a lot for my work. I had no idea they were unhappy with me.

“I was five to ten minutes late a couple times because the trains had been unreliable, but no one had ever given me a formal warning and I always apologised.

“I noticed my manager had suddenly blocked me on WhatsApp which I found strange, then when I showed up for my shift I was fired in the middle of the shop which was open.

“I was so embarrassed, anyone could have walked in, I got emotional and left because I didn’t want them to see my cry.

“It then took weeks for them to actually pay me, and I couldn’t find another job which was very difficult because of the cost of living crisis. I was suddenly unemployed and couldn’t pay my bills.

“It meant I had to go home to Ireland and couldn’t stay in Glasgow anymore after studying here, the full thing has been really hard for me.”

Glasgow Times: Ian Brooke is the owner of Brawsome BagelsIan Brooke is the owner of Brawsome Bagels (Image: newsquest)

Brawsome Bagels claims delays with Jenna’s pay happened because she asked for varying amounts over £4k, and say the shop was closed when she was fired.

However, in e-mails seen by the Glasgow Times, Jenna had requested £1,200 to cover "the length of time she had to wait to be paid" which was rejected by the company.

In August Jenna was then offered £675.40 to cover her holiday pay and wages, plus £24.60 to cover “future claims” and under this agreement she would allegedly not be able to publicly speak about the experience.

Glasgow Times: Jenna left Glasgow and returned to IrelandJenna left Glasgow and returned to Ireland (Image: Sourced)

Glasgow Times: Jenna was fired from the cafeJenna was fired from the cafe (Image: Sourced)

Jenna then accepted her holiday pay and wages but did not agree to stay silent.

Now Unite Hospitality has claimed the company treated her “abysmally” adding managers should pay what they owe employees without being asked.

Bryan Simpson, Unite Hospitality Lead Organiser, said: “The way in which Jenna has been treated by Brawsome Bagels is completely unacceptable.

“Despite multiple requests and the involvement of an ACAS Conciliator, it took the company two months to pay Jenna the notice pay and holidays she was due after she was terminated without proper process.

“This is in spite of the direct involvement of the managing director.

“Since Jenna went public with her story, we have had a number of past workers come forward to confirm that they were also treated abysmally by this company, and we shall be investigating further."

Glasgow Times: Brawesome Bagels in Partick Brawesome Bagels in Partick (Image: Newsquest)

Ian Brooke, owner of Brawsome Bagels, said: “I am deeply upset that things have gone so far.

“I had to let Jenna go for the good of my business, team and customers as we’re a small business and need people that we can rely on.

“She was let go on the shop floor, while the shop was closed and no customers or other team members present.

“In hindsight this wasn’t the best way to approach it and we will take learnings from that.

“We considered it a private space and didn’t believe it would have such an effect on her.

"Jenna didn’t get paid straight away because she asked for varying amounts of money over and above what she was owed, up to £4,576 for three months' salary.

“She was owed her holiday and notice pay of £346.72, which would have been paid within a week of her departure if she hadn’t delayed things with additional requests.

“I believe we have acted fairly and tried to get things resolved a lot more quickly. This whole situation is severely affecting my mental health.

“All I want to do is run my small business, look after my team and our customers and keep things going during the cost-of-living crisis.”