A young Glasgow singer has described singing as something he was "born to do" after performing in front of George Bowie.

Jamie Wallace, 20, performed at the Classic Grand in August as part of a support act with many family and friends in attendance watching the young singer.

However, one person who was also watching was radio DJ legend George Bowie as he took in the acts.

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Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Speaking to the Glasgow Times about performing and how much music means to him, Jamie said: "Singing is a huge passion and I really do love it.

"The full thing has just been one big positive experience so far and I am loving every minute of it.

"And it is not only singing that gets me going but being able to perform songs that I have written in front of people is some buzz.

"I had a chat with George and he was brilliant with me, and gave me good tips and industry insight.

"The boost singing my own songs has also given me is incredible as it is scary sometimes playing things people haven't heard before.

"It is all about in general putting yourself out there and and doing what you want to do. The worst thing that happens is a few negative comments."

Glasgow Times:

The singer from Summerston, North Glasgow, is not shy from performing after previously featuring in the film Flith, which featured Glasgow's own James McAvoy.

But music was where Jamie's heart lay and after playing in pubs around Glasgow and taking part in the city's famous busking scene, he said he couldn't do it without his family's support.

In terms of style, Jamie points to artists such as Gerry Cinnemon and Oasis for inspiration as well as DJ, singer and songwriter Darren Styles.

He said: "My parents have been huge for me so far as they have supported me getting into music, especially when I was at college.

"I work in McDonald's part-time but at the weekends I always look forward to playing at venues like pubs and music venues.

"I can remember my first pub gig and I was super nervous but once I started playing I was just in this flow state and was loving it.

"Singing is what I was born to do as it feels so natural.

"My music style when I am performing live is similar to Gerry Cinnamon as he is a huge artist.

"But also Darren Styles is a proper left-field shout when it comes to me writing my songs.

"However, right now I am just loving performing and I look forward to continuing to do it."