Verdict: Five Stars.

Shania Twain surprised fans at her first Glasgow show by hiding in the crowd before treating them to an unforgettable gig.

The Canadian country superstar emerged from a trolley in the audience wearing a black trench coat and bedazzled sunglasses to Waking Up Dreaming, the lead single from her world tour's titular album, Queen of Me.

The show at the OVO Hydro on Thursday (September 14) evening kicked off the European leg of the singer's first tour in nearly five years.

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Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

After a stellar first track, Shania took the audience on a cowboys-and-aliens-themed journey through a perfectly crafted setlist of classic hits and new material.

The 58-year-old vocal powerhouse seamlessly moved through hits Up! and Dont Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) before disappearing, only to re-emerge against a Glasgow-themed backdrop on a horse-shaped motorbike.

Wearing a reconstructed denim jacket gifted to her by a fan ("I Shania-d it"), the artist continued to show just how much she loves her audience.

Glasgow Times:

She said: "Fans do amazing things and I so appreciate it and I want to just wear that on my sleeve literally to say thank you."

Proving she is the queen of pop country, Shania's energy was genuine and a joy to behold.

Telling the audience she nearly died from Covid before performing Inhale/Exhale AIR, she said: "I just want to say, before I do this next song, that I've never had so much fun in my life on stage than this year.

"And I just want to thank you for being here with me to celebrate, because I'm having the friggin time of my life. I really, really am and I hope you are too.

"I'm just enjoying life and music and everything so much more than I ever have before.

"I wish I had learned to do this so many years earlier in my life, but it's never too late."

Glasgow Times:

After a short lull while she performed a mashup of her lesser known tracks, the audience was back on its feet for the final bangers which ended with Shania's patriotic hit, Rock This Country.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

In a final testament to Shania's star power, the artist returned to the stage for a jaw-dropping encore.

Slipping into the original leopard outfit from her 1997 music video, Shania had her crowd in pieces as she belted out That Don't Impress Me Much - and of course, Man, I Feel Like A Woman.

Shania Twain will return to the OVO Hydro on September 22 and 23.