A Glasgow pub popular with Celtic fans is now able to offer more entertainment despite residents’ worries about too much noise.

The Chrystal Bell – which is getting a £228,000 makeover with a £20,000 soundproof ceiling – got permission to ditch an historic ‘inaudible’ noise limit for certain conditions among other changes.

But the bid to vary its premises licence was met with more than a dozen objections including one from Calton Commuity Council at a meeting.

A resident read out comments from neighbours over the plans, which mentioned anti-social behaviour on matchdays and the pub being “heavily used” by people heading to Parkhead.

One comment said: “I can’t hear my TV with the window open.”

Another concern was raised about people smoking in the vicinity.

An agent representing applicant Admiral Taverns Piccadilly said the venue wants to hold “the occasional live performance.”

He said the Gallowgate venue is due to close temporarily in October for refurbishment to open again during the first week of December.

He said: “This is a pub popular with Celtic fans going to Parkhead. It is not a Celtic pub.”

Explaining the bar’s location, he said it is a busy thoroughfare with a lot of people walking past going to the football.

He added: “It is a busy part of the city in matchdays.”

The agent said an objection referring to noise claimed the sound could not have originated from the Chrystal Bell as it only currently has a jukebox.

The licensing board meeting heard on Friday that the last noise complaint was six years ago.