GLASGOW’S latest film star is a dream to work with - although it is a good idea not to leave her alone with sound mikes.

Dusty is a two-and-a-half-year-old Border Terrier who can dance, bark on command and give high fives, and she is extremely comfortable in front of a camera.

Glasgow Times: Dusty the dog getting ready for her premiereDusty the dog getting ready for her premiere (Image: Newsquest)

All of this made her the perfect choice for Ditch Me, a short film by Rhona Mühlebach based around the Antonine Wall, the Roman Empire’s final border in Britain, which stretched across Scotland from the Clyde to the Forth. Parts of it remain on the northern edge of Glasgow, including stone walls in Bearsden.

A variety of characters and stories populate Rhona’s film: Roman and medieval soldiers, a barber, two lovers, a latrine cleaner, a thief and a humming violinist with a dog called Baba, which is where Dusty comes in.

Glasgow Times: Kim with her beloved dog DustyKim with her beloved dog Dusty (Image: Newsquest)

Owner Kim Reilly, who lives in the West End with her husband Campbell, explains with a smile: “We applied online and the film director and producers visited us at home, and quickly fell under Dusty’s spell.

“She got the part there and then.”

Filming took place over two days, and Dusty was an instant hit with cast and crew.

“Everyone was so impressed with her, the first scene was shot in one take due to her obedience,” says Kim.

“The directors needed her to follow commands from a distance, with me out of shot, and also follow commands from the actors….and she was amazing.

“She really enjoyed being part of filming, and during off duty periods, she just chilled out and watched all the goings-on from a distance.

Glasgow Times: Kim and Dusty are going to the premiere of the film in GlasgowKim and Dusty are going to the premiere of the film in Glasgow (Image: Newsquest)

“The only time she didn’t behave beautifully was when the sound mike was near her for the first time and she thought it was a giant chew toy to play with. It was covered in fur, to be fair…”

Kim laughs: “The sound technician reassured me they were pretty robust mikes and a little dog wouldn’t do much damage. He clearly doesn’t know Border Terriers….”

Dusty was a wonderful puppy, according to Kim.

“She was extremely easy to train, and it became obvious from even eight weeks old that she could learn tricks very easily and quickly, usually within a couple of hours," she says. "I’m always thinking of new ones to teach her just for fun.”

Dusty has the perfect outfit planned for the premiere on Friday (September 22) at the CCA in Glasgow - a beautiful little kilt.

Kim says: “We really enjoyed the whole experience and we are excited for the premiere. The director has told us Dusty looks beautiful on the film, so we can’t wait to see her.

“She is the most adorable, friendly dog. Like all Border Terriers, she is small in size but huge in personality.”

Ditch Me opens at the CCA in Glasgow on September 22 and runs until December 2.