PUTTING crooks behind bars is hard work, and by the end of the week I'm ready for a scotch and a night out on the town with The Moll.

But some weeks, the job wears you down quicker... this was one of those.

It was only Monday and I had already put away three gang leaders who had plagued our department for years, working day and night over the weekend.

I stumbled home, exhausted, as the last of the late winter’s light was starting to dim, and slumped into my armchair about to reach for the decanter.

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“Tec, you’re home,” Toots shouted, emerging from the powder room in her Sunday best. “Let’s go out, you’ve barely stopped for weeks. We deserve a night together.”

The case had knocked the stuffing out of me, and I had no energy to resist. “Wherever you like, dollface.”

We hopped in the Buick and started to drive into the night, all of the light now having disappeared for the day.

Two streets down we stopped in traffic and I looked to my left, spotting a bistro-type place with a sign outside. ‘Re-opened,’ it read. This would do us for tonight.

We walked in and were greeted by more staff than customers - it was a Monday after all.

The attentive staff helped me with my coat and hat as The Moll slid off her fur.

We grabbed a seat by the window, looking out onto the hubbub of Pollokshaws Road, and Queen’s Park beyond.

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After a quick scan of the menu, and a few sips of Buongiorno’s organic beer, we ordered as a few other couples joined us in the restaurant.

Our starters were out quick as a flash. Toots’ bruschetta and mushrooms looked delightful, while my chicken bites looked crispy and golden.

But as soon as they had been put down in front of me, my starter was snatched back. The waitress pleaded, as she explained a minute mix up with my order and went to retrieve the correct dish.

This was to be a minor blip on the evening, as both opening courses were sublime and set us up well for the main course.

We both opted for pasta, hoping to get the best of this family-run Italian bistro. We were not disappointed.

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The Moll went for the Marinara, a mix of king prawns, cherry tomatoes and chilli in a tomato sauce. I went for something more comforting - Norcina - Italian sausage, onions and chilli in a creamy tomato sauce.

The rustic-looking food was beautiful, just what I needed after countless days of casework. We inhaled both portions, setting us up well for the week ahead.

We jumped back in the Buick and headed home. The evening itself was great, with a warm welcome and atmosphere.

Undoubtedly, this place would be perfect for a big Saturday night out. For a quiet Monday, it certainly did not disappoint.



Bruschetta - £4.95

Chicken bites - £5.95


Norcina pasta - £10.45

Marinara pasta - £15.95


Beer (2) - £10.95

Wine (2) - £8.20

Total £56.45


FOOD - ⭐⭐⭐⭐