A NEWSAGENT selling original recipe Irn Bru for £5.99 say they are hopeful they will be able to continue sales of the coveted drink as time runs out for fans to get their hands on it. 

New Vape 24 Newsagents on Gordon Street has sold cans of 'full fat' Irn Bru for as much as £6.99, around 18 times more than the original price of 39p. 

The price had been inflated as stock diminished, but corner shop bosses do not want customers to feel they are being fleeced, with prices dropping again to £5.99. 

Staff at the shop have to exercise caution when they approach a new supplier, and do a random taste test to ensure the drink is legit.

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Shop manager Sheraz Beg said: "We've been famous for the past year for selling the Irn Bru. We have sourced it four or five times and we are one of the few shops who have had it continuously since it stopped being made.

"Through social media we have had a lot of customers especially for it. 

"We kept the original price at 39p, then we ran out of stock and it went up to £1, then £1.50, £2, £2.99, £3.99. We sold out of that lot and when we managed to source more it went up to £4.99, £5.99, £6.99 and now it's back to £5.99. 

"It all depends where we get it from. We've been sold at a normal price at first and that went really quick. Thereafter, people let us know they've seen it online.

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"We don't need to do this, but we have kept it going for so long a lot of our customers have, in a sense, force us to get it in. They have said they'll pay whatever it takes."

At present, News 24 has around 200 can on the shelves, with more in their stock room.

However, with the last batch being produced more than a year ago, most cans of the 'original recipe' Bru will go out of date in June. 

Fans of the orange drink may be rushing to get their last taste of the golden nectar before it disappears for good, but News 24 believe they won't have any more issues with stock levels. 

Mr Beg added: "We're actually getting a continous run. For three or four days we were completely dry.

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"People had been stung online and hadn't been sold what they were told. That's why customers want to come and see us, they know they won't be stung. 

"Stock-wise, we should be comfotable until the end of June. Hopefully, we'll get a good run up until then."