I USED to be that girl – the one that always had on acrylics, terrible as they are for your nails.

I got tired of the paper thin results of my natural nail and started getting gels instead, then I lost interest altogether. 
So when my friend arrived with beautiful nails last week and said they cost £2, it piqued my interest. ‘Primark!! Press on!! £2!!” She exclaimed. 

Primark’s press-ons are a godsend.

My advice is to buy the separate Primark Brush On Glue, as it’s stronger than the glue that comes with the nails. Buff your nails before application for a better grip.

Glasgow Times:

The pack comes with 24 nails. I’ve had these on since Friday and only 2 have popped off, because I was careless with my hands, and they glued back on perfectly.

My nail unerneath, although keeping some glue residue, remained strong and with some acetone, buffing and nail oil, they’ll be back to normal in no time.

It’s about care, which people can forget. 

For now, i’m a convert.

I applied these in four minutes, went to an outdoor gig and they’ve lived to tell the tale.

In a variety of colours and shapes, I’m so excited for the future of my hands (I can’t say the same for my work - typing speed is definitely reduced) Prices range from £1-£2.50.