THE FEMALE star of the latest Pavilion comedy adventure isn’t behaving as you would expect of someone in such a lofty position.

One minute she’s running around the rehearsal space, kicking her leg up in the air and holding it there.

The next minute she’s thrown herself onto the floor and putting her body into an odd bendy position. All for the hell of it, it seems.

But then Olivia Park is just nine years old.

“I just love dancing,” says the Dumbarton-born schoolgirl. “I want to dance all the time."

Olivia is the star of The Real Glesga Dance Mums 2, the comedy musical set in the world of a local dance centre, packed full of dance-mad children.

She plays the daughter of a dance teacher. However, Olivia has two left feet and isn’t interested at all in dance. But then when it comes to competition time. . . well, the audience are in for a massive surprise.

What’s not surprising however is that Olivia has developed a genuine love of dance.

Her mum is Pavilion star Nicola Park, who also runs her own dance centre.

But Nicola reveals her daughter didn’t commit to dance from the off.

“She loved to hang around the senior dance class when I was teaching.

“However, she refused to go to the baby class with other kids of her age.

“So we sent her to another dance school thinking the new experience would encourage her. Sadly, she didn’t enjoy it and I certainly didn’t want to make her go.”

Olivia is a remarkable young girl in so many ways.

She was born prematurely and in fact weighed only two pounds two ounces.

Nicola Park had suffered with the potentially fatal disease pre-eclampsia during the birth of her first child, Jude.

Jude, now 16, was born healthy after an emergency Caesarean but Nicola had to be put on a life support machine at the Queen Mother’s maternity hospital.

The actress, who has built a career around playing gallus Glasgow girls and has starred in Rab C Nesbit, fought her way out of the high dependency unit to delight in her son.

When she became pregnant for the second time, Nicola hoped for a relatively easy birth.

But that wasn’t to be the case. She suffered from pre-eclampsia, which occurs when the placenta isn’t working properly, yet again.

“I had blood pressure problems with Olivia and at 24 weeks doctors determined she had to appear.”

Olivia grew to become a tough, determined little girl. But would she ever take to dance?

When Olivia was six years old, Nicola thought to try and introduce her daughter back onto the floor once again.

“I sent her back to the same school and this time she never looked back. Now, she eats, sleeps and breathes dancing.”

Olivia smiles in agreement.

“My favourite type of dancing is Acro,” she says of the acrobatic dance.”

Olivia, who attends Braehead Primary School in Dumbarton, began entering competitions just 18 months ago.

Since October last year, she has won six championship titles.

“This is massive in the dance world,” says the proud mum.

“All-in-all she has won around 50 trophies in competitions around Britain.

“For example, she has competed against the wee girl who was on the Great Dancer tv programme - and Olivia beat her to take First Prize.”

Does the nine year-old tiny dancer get nervous?

“I do a wee bit when I’m back stage, but not when I’m on stage. I love it.

“When I’m on stage that’s my happy place.”

Olivia wants to be a professional dancer when she’s older.

“Yes, and I’ve just been accepted to Scottish Ballet with their Junior Associates Programme,” she says, beaming of her success in being chosen from 200 entrants.

Nicola Park says dancing has opened up a new world to Olivia.

“She’s got a great circle of friends, little girls up and down the country she meets at competitions, as well as the kids at school.”

But are there any signs the champion dancer is turning into a diva?

“She’s the most laidback, easy-going child imaginable,” says her proud mum.

And she’s great at learning lines.

“She took my script and learned by herself. And she insists on staying right through rehearsals even when she’s finished.”

But dance isn’t Olivia’s only focus.

She reveals she has a long-term boyfriend, Stuart. The pair got together in Primary One.

However, the romance will never get in the way of pursing the dancing dream.

“I love dance and he loves football,” she says, grinning.

“We both have different happy places.”

The Real Glesga Dance Mums 2, also stars Liam Dolan, Nadine McKenzie-Judge, Mori Christian, Alyson Orr and Stephanie Fulton.