Cecchini’s Ardrossan - Reviewed by Dinertec, May 21, 2015

Rating: 3/5

  • Clyde Marina, The Harbour
  • Ardrossan

Toots had been celebrating her triumph in the Women’s 10k. She had been “carb loading” for weeks, and this time her hard work paid off as she actually crossed the finish line before sundown.

“Tec, let’s go for a blow out meal, I have calories in reserve,” cried her ladyship. It sounded as if she was planning a feast – there would be no age of austerity at Tec Towers following this meal.

I had heard good things from a local snout, that a new Italian in Ardrossan was the talk of the town. The last time I was in Ardrossan was a long lost weekend in 1972 – but let’s not even go there.

I revved up the Buick, while Toots changed from her lycra clad running gear and turned into a vision in leopard print. They would certainly see us coming. A leisurely 40 minute drive down the coast, and we were soon at our destination.

The old harbour I knew was long gone and in its place was a swanky new marina with some pretty decent yachts. Cecchini’s has opened its doors in a converted old power house on Ardrossan Harbour. You certainly can’t fault it on location as it has stunning views across to Arran.

We opened the door and it was jumping – word had got out but they managed to squeeze us in. It’s a lively little bistro and had a great atmosphere. Our server explained that we were still in time for the early evening special menu. At £9.95 for two courses, it seemed a winner. Just had to convince Toots, who is always wanting to push the boat out, that this was the offer for us.

A quick scran scan: I knew straight away what to go for. Blondie on the other hand needed a little longer so we ordered up a couple of drinks. The pinot grigio was the first booze she had had in a long time due to her special training. A couple of sips and her cheeks were the same colour as those scarlet talons.

Our server was lurking so I called her over to order. I plumped for the bruschetta and  beef spezzatino, while Toots opted for her usual favourite pate followed by penne arrabiatta. We sat back and took in the views while soaking up the atmosphere.

Our scran was soon delivered – my tomato bruschetta was delicious. A taste of Italy with a mix of flavours. I just hoped The Moll didn’t mind the garlic. However, I looked over to see her pate came with garlic bread, so it was looking good for a quick kiss on the beachfront later... a guy has to live in hope. Toots devoured the pate, not holding back on the garlic.

Our starters were soon polished off and it was time for the main event. Toots was chattering like a budgie after her second glass of vino, so it would be her last. I was saved when our mains arrived – that would keep her quiet for a while. My piping hot plate of beef cooked in a ragu sauce looked amazing.

It delivered on taste as well and came with mash and even more garlic bread. I looked up to see Toots tucking into her pasta. The sauce was on the nippy side, but Toots gave it the thumbs up – after all nothing could be as fiery as her personality.

The meal was a success and when the bill arrived, it was a great treat. It weighed in at just under £40 which was well worth it. All that was left was to take a moonlight stroll with Toots, and I did get that kiss eventually.