THE Moll sashayed into Tec Towers looking like she'd just stepped out of the salon.

And indeed she had. Toots had been for one of her Saturday afternoon blow dries.

"Tec I've just had my hair done and can't possibly cook tonight," piped up her ladyship.

I'm not quite sure how a hairdo affected her ability to stick a ready meal in the microwave ahead of Strictly Come Dancing, but who was I to argue.

"Take me somewhere trendy, Tec, and make it snappy," cried Toots.

This lady isn't one to keep waiting so I revved up the Buick and we sped off into town.

I knew of just the place which had been billed as rustic and authentic.

Paesano Pizza was the talk of the town so blondie would be delighted to be seen at one of the city's newest hotspots.

The Miller Street joint doesn't accept bookings so I was hoping we'd get a pew on a busy Saturday teatime.

This place pretty much does what it says on the tin. A no messing pizza eaterie with not much else to choose from.

We walked in to find minimalist decor and a factory-like setting that left her ladyship a bit dubious.

It might not look like one of her usual fine dining joints of choice, but it was right up my street.

We were shown to a bench seat and given our menus.

The Moll threw her faux fur on the seat and was still giving my a hard time, but surely she had a little more faith in me. Have I ever left her down.

Making up her mind quickly has never been Toots' strong point, so this was the perfect menu.

Drinks were simple: red or white wine, beer Italian... You get my drift.

Food: pizza or specials board pizza.

This could be out easiest scran scan to date and with reasonable prices for a bottle of Italian plonk, it might not even break the bank.

We ordered up a bottle of Paesano Bianco for starters.

"Cute little glasses, Tec, pour it in," states Toots.

Indeed the vino went down pretty well and The Moll was beginning to relax in unfamiliar territory.

To my surprise, her eyes lit up as she looked through the menu.

She opted for the Parma ham pizza with rocket which she declared was virtually a salad - whatever keeps her happy.

While my tastebuds were heading into a spin with the thought of the mozzarella, mushroom and ham pizza.

This places prides itself on being authentic from its special ovens, which means the pizza doesn't need long at all, to their mozzarella which is said to be finest around.

I was glad when our server didn't mess about with our order, but she did recommend a couple of side dishes so we went for artichokes and a tomato and onion salad.

What this place might lack in finesse, it certainly makes up for in atmosphere.

Toots was getting the hang of things and was even handing out our cutlery which came in little cans.

"Pour me another vino and don't scrimp on the measure," laughed her ladyship.

I wondered how she was going to handle eating her pizza in a lady like manor, but to my surprise she got stuck right in when the goods arrived.

"Well there's only one way to eat this Tec." She dispensed with the cutlery and picked it up with her fingers.

The oohs and and aahs from the other side of the table sounded positive. Indeed Toots was in her element and declared the pizza to be finger licking good.

I had to agree with her. The aroma was divine, while the taste and thin crisp base could have rivalled any pizza dished up in the heart of Naples.

The sides were a great addition and I found myself tucking into the artichokes.

For me the only down side was that all good things must come to an end and I was savouring every last mouthful.

I haven't had such tasty pizza in a long time and judging by Toots' empty plate, she was in agreement.

"Bellissimo Tec. That was delicious. I can't believe you haven't brought me here before, " a delighted Toots said.

We still had time for desert before the first cha cha cha of the night in Strictly, so we ordered up the raspberry and lime polenta cake to share.

So again it was spoons at the ready as we dived into pudding.

I was a little out of my comfort zone when it came to the polenta, but I had to admit it was delicious. Tangy and light this was a good pud.

All that was left to do was settle the bill and when it weighed in under £50 I was one happy diner.

We waltzed out of the restaurant after a grand night while already dreaming of a return visit.

Paesano Pizza

94 Miller Street


G1 1DT

Atmosphere 4 Food 3 Service 3

Prosciutto Pizza £8

Parma ham pizza £10

Sides tomato salad £2.50

Artichokes £3


Raspberry and lime polenta cake £4


White wine £16

Lattes £2 x 2

Total £47.50